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Sorry for the long absence. It’s been a very hard year for me, and I haven’t been in a good enough mood to look at any fansub work. However, I feel that I should get back to this so that I can make some people happy. I also have some people helping me so I should be able to get work done more efficiently. Maybe in return I’ll get some happiness back, seeing your excited comments.

Thank you every one for not forgetting me. I do read all your comments as they come in, I really appreciate it. I’ll do my best to return the favor.

Where is Pal?

I apologize for the long absence. I didn’t have time nor was I in the right environment to work on fansubs — I don’t even have a desk right now : I’m moving into another apartment this month, and I should be able to regularly fansub again once settled in.

Thank you for all your comments. You guys are the best 🙂

Release: Kamen Rider Black Episode 38

Kamen Rider Black Episode 38

EP Party, a mysterious new organization formed to bring peace to mankind, has created a subatomic treatment machine. The machine is capable of healing previously incurable diseases but a dark secret is behind this miraculous device. Can Kotaro solve the mystery before it’s too late?

You can download the episode via torrent, Veoh, and Megaupload.

Release: Kamen Rider Black Episode 37

Kamen Rider Black Episode 37

Kotaro is visiting Yubari for a friend’s wedding, but the smiles are swept away from everyone’s faces as Katsumi is kidnapped by Mole Cricket Mutant. Katsumi, now hypnotized by Golgom, stands in Kotaro’s way with a murderous intent. Will Kotaro be able to defeat Golgom’s mutant and return Katsumi back to her old self?

Download via torrent here or watch it on Veoh.

Release: Kamen Rider J

 Kamen Rider J

Surprise! Here’s something that Skewed Studios Fansubs (SkewedS) and Century Kings collaborated on for the past couple months. Enjoy!

The alien Fog Mother’s oldest three children fulfilled the praying ceremony before going out to abduct the ideal human, in order to feed that person to the Fog Mother’s newly hatched offspring. When they took Kana, environmentalist reporter Kouji Segawa was killed while he attempted to protect her. However, he was resurrected by the Earth Spirits as Kamen Rider J in order to save Kana while defending planet Earth against the Fog Mother and her children, who sought to destroy all life on it as they had before. –Kamen Rider J, Wikipedia


Kamen Rider J Torrent batches – h264 | XviD
Kamen Rider J CM Sendspace – h264 | XviD
Kamen Rider J Making Sendspace – h264 | XviD
Kamen Rider World Sendspace – h264 | XviD
Kamen Rider J Sendspace – h264 – Part1 : Part2 | XviD – Part1 : Part2

SendSpace Downloaders: use HJSplit to join parts 1 and 2 together.

2008: Kamen Rider Kiba

Kamen Rider Kiba

Here’s the first image of Kamen Rider Kiba (or Kamen Rider Fang), and it looks pretty awesome! As I mentioned before, Kiba reminds me of Hibiki in a couple ways, like his hands and use of animals/monsters. He also looks inspired by Dark Kabuto as well; looks quite cool in my eyes, love the blood red/black/silver combination. He better have an awesome bike!

Not confirmed, but he may be a monster hunter. Wouldn’t be a bad marketing idea considering that Monster Hunter is such a popular game series in Japan. Gotta catch ’em all!

A couple more concept shots at this site as well, double typhoon belt!

[Via Danny Choo]

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Kamen Rider 2008 unveiling soon

Kamen Rider 2008

A full unveiling is coming real soon, but here’s the annual New Kamen Rider silhouettes. The horror elements mentioned in the previous rumor report are intact, which I’m excited for. Perhaps we’ll see creepier monsters and creative night time fight sequences!

The suit looks pretty cool to me, a lot better than the initial shots (though it might be a blank form). Looks better than Den-O; looks like an evolved Hibiki suit. More details coming soon, so keep on the lookout!

Kamen Rider 2008

[Via Igadevil and Otakuism]

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