Kamen Rider THE NEXT jacket makes you cool, poor

Kamen Rider THE NEXT Inspire Jacket

Want to look ultra cool like THE NEXT V3? Get the Project BM! Kamen Rider THE NEXT Inspired Jacket! Costing only 79,800 yen ($678), you can get your henshin on a budget! Well, maybe it’s not for everyone, but it’s pretty cool nonetheless to look at. This version of the jacket, unlike THE FIRST jacket, is made of polyurethane and horse leather that make it washable.

I remember seeing Kyomoto Masaki (played Taki Ryusuke on Kamen Rider Black) wearing THE FIRST jackets on TV, and wow, my respect for him shot through the roof.

More at LaLaBit Market

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Great Leader of Shocker Clock turns you into a Shocker grunt

Great Leader of Shocker Clock

Ever wanted to be a Shocker member? The Shocker Leader Clock will get you closer to that dream with orders from the Great Leader like “It’s 12 o’clock! Go defeat Shocker’s mortal enemy, Kamen Rider!” or “It’s 3 o’clock! Plans for world domination are progressing smoothly!” and a green light that illuminates when the Great Leader is speaking. The Great Leader is apparently a nice guy, as the clock has a built-in sensor that detects the amount of daylight so that you don’t get ridiculous orders to defeat Kamen Rider 4 in the morning! Not bad for 21,000 yen ($178), right? Right?

The clock is currently open for pre-orders and will be released late October or early November.

Official Great Leader of Shocker Clock page

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Kamen Rider V3 DVDs to be re-released in Japan

Kamen Rider V3 DVD

Toei has decided to release Kamen Rider V3 again on DVD. The original box set containing all 52 episodes was released in 2002 and retailed for a whopping 54,600 yen ($465). There will be 9 volumes in total with roughly 6 episodes per disc and will set you back $40 per volume – ouch! The reasons for re-releasing are probably for media publicity to tie in with THE NEXT release this month (10/27) and to let people buy only the episodes that they really want. I personally would have made the jump to HD and released a HD-DVD/Blu-Ray version, but one can only hope.

For those wanting to catch some V3 action should check out the Region 1 box set from JN Productions, which even includes English subtitles and only costs $170 in comparison. For $10 more you can get an autographed copy by Miyauchi Hiroshi (Kazami Shiro) and for a limited time each order comes with a free T-shirt.

Amazon Japan’s Product Description

[Via Igadevil’s Kamen Rider Blog]

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Complete Selection Kamen Rider Den-O Belt

Complete Selection Kamen Rider Den-Oh Belt

It’s been a while since the release of the first Complete Selection series belt, with Rider 1, 555 (Faiz and Orga Drivers), Ryuki, and Kuuga belts made so far. However, this is the first time a belt is for sale while the show is still running, with a release date set for January 2008. These aren’t your ordinary toy Rider belts as these cost almost $300 – definitely for the adult who’s a kid at heart. The belt faithfully lights up, makes sounds from the show, and even comes with passes to become your favorite form Den-O.

I’m still waiting for my Black/Shadow Moon belts, and so I ask: what belt do you want made?

See more images at Tamashii Web’s product page.

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PROJECT BM! Kamen Rider THE NEXT Figures

Project BM! Kamen Rider THE NEXT Ichigou THE NEXT Version

Another great collection of poseable yet fantastic looking figures coming from Project BM!, subsidiary of Medicom Toy. Standing tall at 12″, THE NEXT figures are scheduled for a November release and is open for pre-orders for both Rider 1 (now in the Sakurajima coloring) and V3. Rider 2 will only be available for exclusive order through the mail-away reservation ticket that comes with Rider 1 for a limited time, which is quite a hook (similar to the Dark Kabuto/Tendou Souji coupon that came with the Kabuto figure, explained at Igadevil’s KR Blog here and here).

I actually don’t own any of these beauties, and perhaps I’ll take the plunge just for the mail-away ticket advantage (the ticket don’t last forever, many people having to buy the mail-away figures from online auctions for an increased price). Do any of you guys own Project BM! figures? What Rider would you most like to get the Project BM! treatment?

Current lineup: FIRST Rider 1, FIRST Rider 2, Hibiki (Rider), Hibiki (human), Hibiki Kurenai, Kabuto, Dark Kabuto, Tendou Souji, THE NEXT Rider 1, THE NEXT Rider 2, THE NEXT V3.

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