Tetsuo Kurata Presents: “Unforgivable!!” T-Shirt


Behold, the Tetsuo Kurata “Unforgivable!!” T-Shirt. The front of the shirt reads Kamen Rider Black’s trademark phrase “Unforgivable!!” and the fist mark below is Kurata’s own Rider Punch. Similarly on the back is a Rider Kick foot print, with “Tetsu” written above it for good measure. There’s a second design that features an illustration of Kurata’s face. And yes, that’s him modeling for his own shirt!

The text running down the center on the image above reads “Can you withstand the power of my kick!?”.

Currently the t-shirt is sold out, and reprints are unlikely. Supposedly he’s selling these shirts at his steak house as well.

HDS: Hyper Detail Superior review

Hyper Detail Superior

Sappii has a new review up for the new High Detail Superior Kamen Rider Den-O figures, which look quite impressive. Sappii notes that HDS is better than the Ultimate Solid series in a way since the figures are in one piece, avoiding spliced body parts with unsightly seams.

What Kamen Rider would you like see for High Detail Superior 2?

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H.G.C.O.R.E. Kamen Rider reviewed by Igadevil


Igadevil has reviewed H.G.C.O.R.E. Kamen Rider volumes 1 and 2 on his blog. He has a ton of photos to share, and reviews every single figure – safe to say that it’s the most detailed review in English (maybe the world).

They’re relatively old sets, so you might have a hard time finding it outside of Japan. If you’re looking for them online I suggest eBay (make sure to check the eBay Stores as well), and newer sets can be found at HLJ.

Igadevil’s Kamen Rider BlogH.G.C.O.R.E. Kamen Rider Volume 1 | Volume 2

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Girls in Uniform ~ Masked Rider Edition ~

Girls in Uniform ~ Masked Rider Edition ~

Girls in Uniform is a pretty new figure series that’s sold in most convenience stores in Japan. The concept is to take the most beloved tokusatsu girls and make them into anime-style collectible figures. This is the first Kamen Rider themed release, with several out already on the Super Sentai front.

Girls in Uniform ~ Masked Rider Edition ~

For the debut Bandai chose to release 6 + 1 secret figures. You don’t know what’s in the box until you open it, so the “+ 1” is a secret figure that’s not revealed on the box. The characters chosen are: Ozawa Sumiko (Agito), Kirishima Miho (Ryuki), Smart Lady (555), Amami Akira (Hibiki), Hana (Den-O), Naomi (Den-O), and the secret figure is Smart Lady in the mourning outfit from episode 5. Hana and Naomi below, looks nice huh? View more pictures at Charab Life: Part 1 | Part 2

Den-O Girls
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Hyper Hobby December 2007 Issue

Hyper Hobby Dec 2007

New issue of Hyper Hobby available at Hobby Link Japan, has some new information on the upcoming Rider Mask Collection Vol. 4, due January 2008. The masks included seem to be: Xaiza, Gai, G3, Agito, ZX, Skyrider, Amazon,V3 THE NEXT, Den-O Gun Form, Den-O Axe Form,Den-O Rod Form, Den-O Sword Form, Punch Hopper, Kick Hopper. V3 is getting the Souchaku Henshin treatment as well, and the cover reveals new Soul of Soft Vinyl figures for 555 and Charge Up Stronger.

And hey, that’s Kamen Rider Black breaking through the window in the opening video with his Battle Hopper (in the bottom right corner)! From the text it looks like it’s 1 of 4 special edition Rider Chips R trading cards included with the magazine.

And below you can see the adorable Imagin costumes for dogs!

Imagin Dogs
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H.G.C.O.R.E. – New Generation V3 edition

V3 and Chainsaw Lizard

One of my favorite toy blogs, Charab Life by Sappii, has some high-quality photographs of the newly released H.G.C.O.R.E. set. This is actually the first time I’ve ever seen Chainsaw Lizard, which I think looks nice. It’s neat to see a vixen-type female villain in the new movies as the original Kamen Rider was pretty much a male-dominated series.

In any case, more pictures at Charab Life: Part 1 (V3 THE NEXT, Sakurajima Rider 1 THE NEXT, Rider 1 THE NEXT), Part 2 (Chainsaw Lizard, Den-O Climax Form, Den-O Liner Form, Crab Bat Kaijin)

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Minami Kotaro’s jacket worn on RX sold on Yahoo! Auctions

Minami Kotaro’s jacket

I was looking for jackets that resembled Minami Kotaro’s in Kamen Rider Black when I stumbled upon an expired item on Yahoo! Auctions Japan. For sale was a genuine, screen-worn jacket that you see above, worn by Tetsuo Kurata himself on Kamen Rider Black RX!

The auction took place on 7/29/07 and ended on 8/5/07. Disappointingly the photo that was attached in the auction details have disappeared, but you can see that the auction started at 120,000 yen (just over $1000), had 8 total bids and ended costing the buyer 141,000 yen ($1230). Looking at the bidding history reveals that the item was barely won, as the last bid was 140,000 yen – a 1,000 yen difference, roughly $9 – ouch!

Original auction item page

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Oops – Project BM! “coupon” is not really a coupon

Kabuto Coupon

I misread, and it turns out that you don’t get a “free figure coupon” when buying a Project BM! figure, but a ticket to reserve special figures that won’t be sold in stores. For instance, if you buy the Kamen Rider Kabuto figure and register yourself with the included ticket by the end of November 2007, you’ll get the opportunity to buy Dark Kabuto (18,690 yen; $162) and Tendo Souji ($13,440; $116) that will be unavailable to those who didn’t buy Kabuto (or those who didn’t use/sold the ticket). You know what they say: if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

Shock your party guests with Shocker wine

Shocker Wine

Spice up your next party by recreating the Shocker Members Party scene from the original Kamen Rider (episodes 39 and 40) amongst your partners in crime! This is the second limited production run of 150 sets, actually; after the successful sellout of the first batch it’s back by popular demand. This fancy wine set includes: two bottles of wine (for the Japanese and Swiss branch), two wine glasses with Shocker logo laser-etched, an invitation to the Shocker Members Party, and a commemorative box that neatly houses everything. The invitation reads:


An announcement to all Shocker Members around the globe

We, the secret organization Shocker, will commence Operation Wolf and dominate the world. We will be holding a Shocker Party at the Japan Headquarters. Our objective of this party is to defeat the traitor Kamen Rider. We look forward to your attendance.

Shocker Japan Headquarters, Colonel Zol

Shocker Wine (Japan)Shocker Wine (Switzerland)

Shocker Wine SetShocker Invitation

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[Via LaLaBit]

Kamen Rider Hibiki PS2 game for $20

Kamen Rider Hibiki PS2 Game

Spotted the game on sale at Play-Asia so I thought I’d pass the information along. Usually retailing for $59.99, it’s on sale for an undetermined amount of time for only $19.90 + $3.10 shipping. The reviews are a pretty mixed, noting that the game is on the easy side for adults but actually fun for Hibiki fans. It’s mainly an action game in vain of the old beat ’em ups, and boss battles are defeated in a Taiko Drum Master rhythm game fashion with drumming (its even compatible with the Drumcon controller). Seems a bit quirky, eh? The video looks pretty cool though!

Kamen Rider Hibiki PS2 game – $19.90



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