Kamen Rider Black on Veoh!

You may have noticed that the streaming Doraemon movies were hosted on Veoh, the wondrous version of YouTube. What makes Veoh better? Here are a few factoids:

  1. Full-resolution videos. YouTube videos are half the resolution.
  2. No length restrictions. Which means that I can upload an episode in its entirety.
  3. No size requirements. I don’t have to recompress the videos, which equates to better quality.
  4. You can download the videos. This one’s a biggie — you can get Veoh Player (available for Win/Mac) to download the exact same videos that I uploaded. This saves us bandwidth!
  5. Prettier player. Alright, this one’s not that important…but it’s a fact!

Commenting and whatnot still exist on Veoh, not to mention I can get my own special URI for my releases. Without furtherado, I introduce to you — Kamen Rider Black and Doraemon on Veoh!

Also, check out the new “Watch Now!” section, added to the navigation menu at the top!
Have fun 🙂

Release: Kamen Rider Black Episode 27

27 PostMysterious cocoons litter the city, violently exploding when in proximity of certain energies. The explosive cocoons leave the city without electricity — and Kotaro without Henshin Energy to transform! Meanwhile Hisao-kun waits on the operating table of a powerless hospital, hanging on to his life. Can Kotaro fight Golgom without transforming? Can Kotaro save Hisao-kun before it’s too late?

Note: This release contains new fonts, effects and whatnot. Leave a comment about it if you care to (or at least vote for the latest poll), I’m curious to know what you guys think. Tried to find a font that fit the theme of the show that was also easy on the eyes (which I noticed is the same font that TV-Nihon used for Kabuto’s OP song…weird, eh?). Didn’t go too crazy with the effects since it’s not that crazy of a show. You guys will decide what goes and comes back on Episode 28 😀

Available in the Downloads section, and YouTube videos after the jump!
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Release: Kamen Rider Black Episode 26

Kotaro meets Mami, an ordinary girl who likes to play sports with the boys, until one day she is kicked out of the game. Her dad asks her to be a stronger girl, and to her surprise she is confronted by a man who promises her great power to be even stronger than the boys — what Mami didn’t know was that it was a Golgom mutant taking over her body! Can Kotaro stop Mami before it’s too late?

Available in the Downloads section, and YouTube videos after the jump!
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Commenting and Kamen Rider Toys

Hmm, the poll reveals some mixed feelings about the new look (did I blind you?). Feedback would be appreciated on it, so please comment (yes, commenting is back)!

Black SouchakuNot sure if everyone has seen this, so I’ll share: Armor Trans (Souchaku Henshin) Kamen Rider Black and Battle Hopper/Acrobattar are available at HLJ! Solidus got his hands on it, including Battle Hopper. I’ll probably get mine in the coming weeks, and I wonder: did you get one?

Switch to WordPress and Kamen Rider Black Episode 26

A brand new look! Thinking I’d go with a brighter theme this time around, gets tiring to read after a while. In any case, I’ve switched my publishing methods from Joomla! to WordPress, and it is much better. Joomla has been giving me troubles lately, not to mention that it felt very slow. If any of you are considering what to use for a blog, install WordPress! If you don’t have a host, you can visit WordPress.com instead, which is more in the lines of Blogger.

Coming soon is episode 26 of Kamen Rider Black. Just got it checked, should be ready by the weekend!

Episode descriptions will be created some time soon, not to mention rebuilding of the FAQ section.