Kamen Rider THE NEXT Production Diary: 3/4~5

March 4th (Sunday) – 5th (Monday) early morning
Today was filming of the action scene that lasted all night to dawn the next day

Kamen Rider THE NEXT Production Diary: 3/4~5 Action scenes are filmed with choreographer Yokoyama-san and director Tasaki-san both watching the monitors.

Normally scenes are explained on how the cuts are arranged by the director, but action scenes filmed by following storyboards with side notes. Action that doesn’t make much sense when filming makes complete sense in choreographer Yokohama-san’s head, and it’s not uncommon to realize how the scene fits together in the editing stage of production.

Kamen Rider THE NEXT Production Diary: 3/4~5 Today’s scene was when the heroes first meet Shocker. Chainsaw Lizard, one of the enemy characters, is usually a sexy woman in a body suit; once she transforms she becomes a female kaijin with a powerful chainsaw arm that can shred any foe. There’s also the introduction of the Shocker Riders. Like Takeshi and Hayato, they are also cyborg warriors – and there’s 6 of them. Getting all the stuntmen from AAC STUNTS into the suits was a job on its own.

Since this scene is taking place at a train station, there were many extras as well. Kikawada-san [note: Hongo Takeshi] showed us impressive fighting against the 6 Shocker Riders and the Chainsaw Lizard, as well as AAC’s stuntmen’s impressive stamina, and filming continued nonstop until the morning. By the time we were done the commuting rush began, and honestly, I was exhausted. The car ride back I was riding in the passenger seat of the company car and was told to not fall asleep, but I snored several times and was yelled at, “Hey, Kato!”, but my reply was “Yesh…” or “Zzz…” I apologize for losing to the sleep demons. m(_ _)m

[Translated by Pal. Originally posted on 10/10/2007 @ Official Kamen Rider THE NEXT Blog]

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