Kamen Rider Black on Veoh!

You may have noticed that the streaming Doraemon movies were hosted on Veoh, the wondrous version of YouTube. What makes Veoh better? Here are a few factoids:

  1. Full-resolution videos. YouTube videos are half the resolution.
  2. No length restrictions. Which means that I can upload an episode in its entirety.
  3. No size requirements. I don’t have to recompress the videos, which equates to better quality.
  4. You can download the videos. This one’s a biggie — you can get Veoh Player (available for Win/Mac) to download the exact same videos that I uploaded. This saves us bandwidth!
  5. Prettier player. Alright, this one’s not that important…but it’s a fact!

Commenting and whatnot still exist on Veoh, not to mention I can get my own special URI for my releases. Without furtherado, I introduce to you — Kamen Rider Black and Doraemon on Veoh!

Also, check out the new “Watch Now!” section, added to the navigation menu at the top!
Have fun 🙂

Doraemon: Nobita’s Demon World Adventure Trailer & Other Stuff [Updated]

Polls Archive link wasn’t working, fixed. Downloads section tidied up a bit.

Below is the trailer for Doraemon: Nobita’s Demon World Adventure movie (also available in Downloads section), which has been roughly timed so far. Great movie, thought I’d translate it before the remake is released in theaters March 2007.

UPDATE: Typo in video has been fixed, thanks Josh!