Century Kings (CK) is a tiny fansub group dedicated to bringing media previously restricted to Japan to the world in the form of translated video programs.

Please note that any and all Century Kings releases are, and should be, FREE. Keep fansubs free; love should be shared, not sold!

CK‘s main translation project is the tokusatsu TV series Kamen Rider Black which originally aired in 1987. Other projects include Doraemon movies and a few, rare oddball releases.

CK was formed on approximately October 25, 2005. Currently there are three cool people directly involved, and many dedicated fans like you keep the project going!

Pal – Translator, timer, encoder and webmaster.
zeldAIS – Karaoke, special effects and provider of SendSpace Max account.
Serabii – Timer.

Kudos (no longer active):
Britas – Script Editor.
August – Script Editor. Owner of Henshin!Online.