Reuploading Videos

Well, MediaFire banned me. Best admin panel yet, but what can you do. Currently uploading a bunch of videos, so hang on tight — it’s coming soon.

  • dlmultiply

    Hi Pal, don’t waste your time and bandwidth. These cyber lockers are very unreliable because they can fold at any given time.

    FYI all KRB episodes (except for the second movie) are being hosted at Their servers are fast and reliable and everyone a can download the files for free. And no, I’m not affiliated with them.

  • shimukawa

    will wait with your new mediafire account pal…. just be careful not to get caught again

  • shimukawa

    that has slow hosting site. every 1 episode takes 1 hour to download. unlike with mediafire.

    • Not so, I download episodes there in less than 4 minutes all the time. I’d check your ISP.

      • TC

        It has nothing to do with ISP anymore. Maybe people should read the news updates more often

    • TC

      They are having their own server problems with people downloading too much at once, and guests can only download at 100 Kb/s

  • Demonskid

    Hey thanks for the Kamen Rider Black series :3 I’m getting them from krdl right now since mediafire took down your stuff. dlmultiply, thanks for letting people know where we can get them at. 🙂

  • ShadowMoon

    U can upload your files @ Jumbofiles. Download speed almost same with MF. It’s better 4 U to finish & upload Special Ep.52 first.

  • dlmultiply

    @shimukawa Are you registered? I tried downloading as a guest today and it seems that the speed is currently capped at 100kbps.

    If you’re registered and your download speed is still super slow then maybe they’re having some server issues. Before I could easily download a 350mb file in less than 10 minutes.

    Even if they cap it at 50kbps, I’m still fine with it because it’s free.

  • dorakki21112

    how about the doraemon ones? may I ask what happened to the nobita’s great adventure to the underworld? thanks 😀

  • erneest1323123

    That is the problem, the era of file sharing of watching video’s is over because of some stupid money laws,no one knows about enjoyment anyway they rather have money anyway so its best we take action and protesting them for not letting us watch every thing from around the world freely

  • puppiesgosplash

    I was going to mention why not try asking a sub group for use of their tracker but dlmultiply beat me with krdl (which I forgot was there). Mediafire and all the other upload sites are running scared it seems with what happened to megaupload. I’m sure though if you did ask one of the groups for some assistance one or more would help out, that is if you yourself don’t mind such.

  • TC

    Honestly even with how slow it is to download, its better than nothing, especially with mediafire being so finicky with size. Maybe the better idea, if you dislike KRDL, would be to take up what other groups have done and use torrents. You’d have to make sure they always have at least one seed, not sure how the inner workings of that works, but again its better than nothing.
    Honestly torrent or KRDL, it still takes upwards of half an hour+ to get files, I am patient enough to wait for them.

  • RobNea

    BTW, are you going to upload the Scripts also or Just the Episodes and Movies

  • spoliarium98

    Will wait for your episodes, I hope you will be able to upload the complete series of Kamen Rider Black huhuhu

  • r u guys plan 2 have Kamen Rider Black RX very soon? Plase let me know I would like 2 download them ALL

  • omigasun

    I still waiting for the special episode..,

  • alexis

    thank for your time and effort for this series… you did an excellent job after all these years. cheers mate!

  • mark hagelin seems to have solved its download issues. I have been able to download from there relatively fast.

    Any plans to do Black RX???

    I do have the 47 raws including Stay In The World and added the srt files [apparently done by [email protected] and [email protected]] which I found.

    Ep 47 seems out of whack, not with the timing, but with the translation.

    It might be possible to re-translate some of them.

  • Black1986

    i’m still waiting for your 52th episode of kamen rider black…

    or maybe you should upload the script first ^^


    im a follower of your site, and can’t wait for your uploads…specially your KRBlack episodes, with your subs…ive seen up about up to episode 47 i think…
    send me an email ok…

    [email protected]

    thanks and keep it up!


    does the site KRDL have nice english subs like the ones that century kings has?

  • saihng

    Can you reupload the last 4 episode of black


    Happy Holiday for everyone!!!

  • Grant

    What is the status of episode 52?

    • Z

      Can’t wait to see Ep52 as well! Can’t even find the RAW version of it anywhere!!

  • Fery

    What took U so long to upload episode 52, Pal? Please upload special episodes first and then U can continue to upload the rest of old episeodes. It took a very long time for me to wait.
    Thank U so much,Pal…

  • MikaelTarquin

    I never got the chance to finish downloading Kamen Rider Black ;_; I’m missing eps 50 and 51 (and 52, if that’s a thing). I was thinking Century Kings could use Mega ( ) to host their files, just a thought. Unless they found a place already, does anyone know? It would be a shame for all that work to vanish.

  • niknok

    Hi Pal! you have not updated your site in a while. I hope you start uploading kamen rider black series again. God bless you!

  • Low

    I think if you upload your video in RAR or ZIP format, mediafire will not able to detect you. The only way you’re detected is because it’s in AVI format which mediafire will eventually find out about the pirated videos.
    Maybe there are a lot of other files uploading webside you can use. The current BT download is so slow …

  • omigasun

    How are you pal??? it’s been a while since your last update here., are you still there???

  • shimukawa

    Hope your doing alright pal.. and i am still waiting for the episode 52.. More power..


    This is my theory: at 19th of July 2012, Pal said to us that the Mediafire banned him for uploading those 51 episodes, so he searched for another file hostings. Assuming that he had found a new file hosting at the same day, he uploaded one episode per week. Based on my theory, I believed that episode 52 will be release at 19th of July 2013. Pal, please confirm for my “idiotic” theory :p

  • i_man


    It would be great to have the soundtrack as well : )