Computer Problems

After I made the last progress update, I tried to login to my desktop PC and it wouldn’t boot. To be more exact, it has to do something with probably the video card or the RAM, since it won’t even POST (you know, the wall of white text on black when booting before the Windows logo). Troubleshooted, and monitor works fine, but haven’t done much work beyond that. Wish me luck!

  • shimukawa

    good luck sir.. happier to wait than never…. just wish i could help you…

  • Sabrena

    The BIOS isn’t coming up? Check your motherboard then, I was going to give my old computer to someone and fried it after trying to install upgrades.

  • anonymous

    Your mediafire account got suspended.

  • Bellatrix

    It seems that Century Kings Mediafire account has been suspended. Where can we getthe complete KR Black Series?

  • anonymous

    Your mediafire account got suspended. I was up to 41 on Kamen Rider Black. ; ; Are there any torrents I can download of the remaining episodes?

  • Ais

    Damn. I know that feel >_< Hope you fix computer problems ASAP Pal-sama 😀

  • putri99

    Seems that you are not online for a long time, are you OK man?