Release: Kamen Rider Black Episode 51 (END)

Description coming soon.

You can download the episode from MediaFire. Check out the rest of the episodes here.

Note: Uploading episode to this site, due to recent events with the thinning out of file sharing hosts. Will update tomorrow, it’s 2:20 AM!

Note 2: Yes, I am working on the special (episode 52) as well.

  • Thanks. Thanks for all your hard work all this time. Kamen Rider Black still is my favourite Kamen Rider and this is something i waited for impatiently ^^

    Be sure that your is appreciated here , Pal-sama.

    • Y E A H ! ! !
      You’re my hero.

      • Pal

        And Rider Black is mine. YEAH!

    • Pal

      Thanks for your long-time support, Deka Black!

  • Tack Angel

    Well done man. You have my utmost respect.

  • Some Guy

    The sub ninjas didn’t get you!

    Thank you for stickin with it you absolute leg-end

  • Fatman Jones

    Congratulations on finishing a great Kamen Rider series. We fans truly appreciate all your hard work, Pal, and you deserve a medal or something for it.

    Will you be putting up a torrent of the rest of the series?

  • Kajico

    Thanks for all the great work you did over the years getting this series subbed. I’ve introduced a lot of friends and coworkers to Kamen Rider over the years and so the list of people waiting for this final episode has grown tremendously since the day I downloaded the first sub you put up. You’re awesome.

  • Ultramainterzab

    Thanks Pal finally I can watch with english subs and not with portuguese subs. I finally Ernest will shut up for some time.

    • David Grande

      erneest can be a complete dick when he bitches and cmplains, if he keeps it up i’ll come over his house and wack him with a shinai ’till he promises to behave and be patient

    • erneest1323123

      I read that and so are you David Grande >:(

  • Congratulations! I’ve been following this project since you started, and I’ve been rooting for you to finish this whole time. Before ANY of what we released was even a glimmer of an idea, you were toiling away practically by yourself.

    Thanks for helping to bring this amazing show to a whole new audience. And thanks for giving so many people their first experience with classic Kamen Rider.

    • I’m going to echo Jeeg’s words.

      Before any of us ever even gave any thought to subbing, you were toiling away by yourself and it’s a truly wonderful thing to see you finish.

      Thank you.

  • Chris C.

    You are a hero to the fansubbing community, Pal. It’s been six years since I started watching your subs of Kamen Rider Black and the wait has been more than worth it. Thank you for everything, man!

    • Wright

      Wow, it’s amazing! I’m actually helping out with the Kamen Rider Black manga now and can finally see the show! Think you’d ever be interested in helping to translate more Ishinomori projects for English?

      • Skull Rider

        Thanks for all the works, the efforts and the time you sacrifice to finish this awesome project. KR Black was the first KR that I watch, back in early 90’s. Whatever you do after this (subbing or real life), I wish you the best!

    • Bless your heart, you fine gentleman

      • Blades

        Nice! I’ve been waiting for these last episodes and they were worth the wait. You guys did an amazing job finding and subbing all these episodes, and your work has paid off in spades! Think you’ll do RX next?

  • Mogambo

    Congratulations on finishing the series, Pal!

    I love Kamen Rider Black as the unique show which has something of the best of both worlds, Showa-era chutzpah with a touch of Heisei storyline and production values.

    Plus the theme tune is almost as catchy as the first Sukeban Deka series…!

    Looking forward to the special/s you mentioned.


  • James Fielding

    Well done on such a massive project! I really have been enjoying watching your subs. It encourages me to carry on with my solo efforts in my own projects!

    Thank you Pal for the last 6 years!

  • White-Knight

    Can you make a torrent batch after everything is done? I stopped halfway and getting the remaining are a bit of a hassle.

    Thanks for the excellent work. What will be the next project, if you have any? 🙂

  • Kobâlt

    Any chance for scripts/softsubs?

    • Pal

      Yep, scripts will come soon.

      • Gunlord

        I know it’s not much, coming from a random, wandering /m/an, but…thank you, thank you so much. You’ve put all this effort in for so long, and it’s finally paid off. Like all the other bros here–and like the many who are downloading and watching this series–just wanted to drop by and tell you how much I appreciate what you’ve done for us tokufans.

      • Ayshara

        I also wish to pass along my thanks for giving this series the justice it deserves and I hope RX will also.

  • Sarubahe.PH

    I do hope after the release of the special episode (EP 52) you guys can re-batch torrents by 5-6 episodes per torrent so that most of us can download the rest of the episodes in a breeze.

    I wish that you would continue to release Kamen Rider BLACK RX since it hasn’t been release thru local Philippine TV after Kamen Rider BLACK.

    More power to you guys and I am still here keeping to support on your works by watching it.


    • FUCK YES. Thank you, Pal. You are truly a hero of justice. 🙂

  • kuroro_13th

    Like many before me, I wish to thank you with all my heart.

    Thank you. Thank you. Thank you very much.

    More power to you, and may you always be safe, happy, and well.

  • El Kevo

    Your awesome dude! Congrats on finishing a great series and sharing with us! Do you have any plans to do This is Kamen Rider Black as well? Stuff like that never gets subbed but it would be great to see

  • Jordan

    Congrats on finishing the series. Rock on dudes!

  • Joe Hasegawa

    Congrats on the completion of this wonderful show. Will there be any more projects in the future?

  • a smile can hold a thousand words…


  • shadowmoon019

    Thank you for completing Kamen Rider Black! I hope Kamen Rider Black RX is next. God bless!

    • Alphapak

      I’ve been waiting for this moment for a long time.
      I been watching you from near the beginning 6 years ago. (About episode 8)
      You, Pal, are a true hero for finally completing this series. 😀

  • Final Form Ride

    Congratulation and thanks so much for this. You guys are really awesome.

  • zeldAIS

    This is awesome news Pal-sama 😀 Yatta ne o/
    Omedetou 😀 Thanks for being so awesome Pal-sama 😀

  • Absolutely marvelous. Many thanks for your hard work on this series mein square. 100/10

  • It took a while, but it’s finally been finished. I’ve been following these releases since many years ago, and I tip my hat off. Cheers! What’s next!?

  • dye_spinner

    thank you.. complete series at last…!!

  • erneest1323123

    Phew finally its over…when you upload so slow i am beginning to grow impatient but when you upload episodes so fast such as right now Im glad and i would like to say thanks for making a perfect subtitle for kamen rider BLACK (:)

  • Mike Brown

    I just wanted to add my congrats and thanks to the list. Your deeds on this project are no less heroic than Black’s own against Golgom. It’s been well worth the wait and I look forward to whatever you decided to take on next. Thank you, very much!

  • Magz

    No words…only <3<3<3

  • Awesome! There were some bumps on the road, but I knew you’d get it done. ^_^

  • Komoo

    Congratulations. You deserve every single acknowledgement due to your hard work.

  • dlmultiply

    All hail, Pal!!! Thanks for your effort and dedication to this series!

    Wow, erneest is not acting like a whiny douche?! The world must really be coming to an end.

  • Ivanhobe

    Congratulations on finishing this project.

    I have been following since episode 25 i believe, it was a long wait but totally worthy, it really is commendable that you finished this by yourself, truly an achievement of justice.

    Thanks for working on this for so long and best of luck on your future endeavors.

  • ComicGuy89

    Thank you so much for finishing this series. I would not have considered watching if you had not subbed it. I really appreciate your hard work!

  • Getter Boat


  • UltraMagnus

    AWESOME! Finally the greatest rider is ours to enjoy. You have performed a great service for the English-speaking rider fan community. Infinite thanks for the child of the sun.

  • straberry nipples

    awwww yeahhhhhh!!!! i friggin love you maaaaannnn! would you want a cookie??? ohh my bad, take this huge jar of cookies!!!!!!!!!!

  • sani

    hurrayy!! really cool dude.

  • ZroRider

    Congrats on finishing the series!

  • BanBan

    WOW!!!…Congratulations and thank you for all the hard work of finishing this…Bless you always man.

  • shaddoe

    well done! very well done! What’s next for you?

  • Vector

    Thank You so much for subbing the greatest Rider!!! I’ve found your subs almost two years ago and got hooked on the rider series as a whole thanks to you. I’m glad to see that you were able to finish despite everything!! Again, Thank You so much!!

  • Pal, thank you so much for bringing this amazing show to me and my friends. You are the best!!!

  • will

    Finally i have the complete Kamen Rider series and its sequel series “Kamen Rider Black RX” also complete.


    in november of 2009 i found kamen rider black rx on some forum, i i found out i liked it, after finding out that it had a “prequel series”, i started serarching for it and i found ur website,

    again thank you for all ur hard woek

  • BlackSun

    now it’s time for RX to be subbed and uploaded. like many of the others here, I patiently waited for all the episodes to be subbed and uploaded. many thanks to you!

  • TakaBataCheetah2012

    Thank you so much!!! I’ve seen all the riders from kuuga to ooo and after hearing how amazing Black was I was dying to see it. As soon as I saw this site I went crazy and it’s been nonstop Kamen Rider since then. It means alot to us fans that you stayed with it for so long and finishing it. Again thank you.

  • Raúl Jiménez

    Thank you so much. you did a great job.

  • zhuzhu8376

    Congratulations Pal san on finishing this project after so many years , you endure with so much hardship like your laptop got lose and moving of house and some job issue.
    No matter what happen u stick to the end and bring us the Kamen rider black serie.
    Hope you can fansub the kamen Rider Black RX also, you can take our time no hurry .

    P.S Kamen Rider Black RX HK DVD rip translation is horrible.

  • You Are D Bestz

    Congratulationz pall. U rly did a very gud job back there.

    Your fansub is indeed the best ^^

    Will u upload the epi-52 also?

    I am looking forward to it.

  • Florian Flores

    i just finished watching kamen rider black episodes 1-9… it was excellent to think that i was in high-school when i last watch this… are you going to upload kamen rider black rx here? if so, please let me know what are the links where i can watch it and i am so excited to watch that just like krb… more power to your site and let us revive kamen rider today

  • Rieze

    Great Job… thank you for bringing the best kamen rider series there is… No over power weapons, no overrated attacks, NO CARDS and of course the best story there is… THANK YOU AND MAY YOU BE BLESSED ALWAYS ^ ^

  • Thank you for this! You are the best! KAMEN RIDER BLACK THE BEST!

  • metalmarquis

    Many thanks for the long-standing commitment to finishing one of the best Kamen Rider series ever made, not just in the Showa era, but possibly of all time. I certainly hope that you would also work on that Episode 0 thing, the one that precedes the actual first episode of Black, and yes, I certainly hope you would do RX as well. Domo arigatto, Pal-sama!!!

  • a 22 years of patience finally ended

    many thanks for subbing my most awaited KRB series
    all the best to you and congratulations for the job done

    really really really appreciate that 🙂

    p/s: hope this site will not end as KRB subbing operation has nearly ended 😉

  • key

    good for finishing u’re upload of kamen rider black. i’m a die hard fan of kamen rider black since a child. please upload more of this amazing series

  • Dano

    thanks for all your hardwork! may you have more kamen riders to sub 🙂

  • kamen rider’s fan

    i’ve downloaded all ep of kamen rider i can’t wait for you to upload kamen rider black favourite kamen rider of all riders! and, can u upload it in Mediafire cuz MU has been shut and i can’t open MU..thank u!!can’t wait for RX… <3

    I’ve been loosing track on Black’s series.. Anyway, big thanks for the subs man! ^_^

  • junichi27

    many thanks pal..
    i hope you will continue with RX series too..

    btw any plans to adding karaoke subs to the no karaoke episodes?

  • Pinoy Ghost Leader

    Thank you for the time, effort and passion in putting up and maintaining this site. You’ve made a lot of people happy and I’m one of them.

    I hope you would still continue this endeavor on the RX series.

    I’m looking forward to see the series.

  • Jiro

    Something that I’ve been wondering about this fansub: the theme song ends in “Kamen Rider Black” according to the subtitles. But is there anyone else who just can’t hear the word “black” in there? They just seem to be saying “Kamen Rider”.

    • ultramainterzab

      I don`t want to sound like and asshole, but that was the worst and most stupid comment I have ever read in my entire life. How old are you? “4”? Come on! and anyway it does says Black in a whisper. You must have hearing problems.

    • Muzae

      yes it does but u can’t hear it maybe bcoz it harmonized with the background hi hat effect to make it sounds a mysterious way..

  • J Sebastian

    it was all worth the wait. 🙂 great job, sir Pal! KAMEN RIDER BLACK FOR REAL!!!!!! do you also have the pre-series and post-series TV specials? if yes, we’re looking forward to it.

    CENTURY KINGS – Simply the best!

  • RiderGaroX

    OK, now that the series has been completed in this site there things that I would like to request aside from continuing it to BLACK RX:

    TV Special 1: This is Kamen Rider Black
    TV Special 2: Kamen Rider 1 Through RX: Big Gathering
    Special Video of Tetsuo Kurata recording the theme song Kamen Rider Black

    I do hope that you’ll also release these videos before continuing to BLACK RX.

    Thank you!

  • 左 翔太郎

    I really like Kamen Rider Black series… thanks for everything MetalPal-sama for your dedication in subbing shows like this one we wish you the best in everything you do in life.

  • RedHood

    Hey, Pal, thanks for translating KRB. Really enjoyed it most of the time. But after watching the final episode, I’m kinda…depressed and disappointed. I mean Shadowmoon was defeated, kinda sad about that and it was fitting. But Century King not even gonna fight Kamen Rider Black? Thats…and no henshin?

  • BlackSun

    i’m kinda’ curious what Special Ep. 52 is. is this Kamen Rider 1 Through RX: Big Gathering?

    • Muzae

      yes.. you can say that it is a crossover from kamen rider ichigo and introduction to Kamen rider Black RX..

  • BlackSun

    hey boss,

    another Malware detected via Google Chrome whenever I try to visit this page. Took a risk here by proceeding to your site just to inform you.

  • Unknown

    Pal Sama, are you also working on these?

    TV specials

    1987: This is Kamen Rider Black (これが仮面ライダーBLACKだ!! Kore ga Kamen Raidā Burakku da!!?) – It was aired one week before the first episode, introduces the character Kamen Rider Black.

    1988: Kamen Rider 1 Through RX: Big Gathering (仮面ライダー1号~RX大集合 Kamen Raidā Ichigō~Āru Ekkusu Daishūgō?) – It covers all the Heroes, from Kamen Rider 1 until ZX, and introduces Kamen Rider Black RX.

    • Peanut Diver

      After 3 years of hard work… Thank you for your efforts! Many thanks again mate! Cheers!

    • spoliarium98

      i hope you will reupload, the link is not available T_T

  • pnutbuttercups

    thanks! ive been following your work since what? 2008? you did a really great job! kudos!

  • Many time i visit that web MediaFire i cant used that website

  • anon

    so mediafire deleted the folder that held kamen rider black, any chance to reupload to somewhere else

  • bob


    I cant seem to get any more than the 1st 40 episodes at in the torrent list and there doesnt seem to be a folder containing the files in media share.

    help please, kamen rider black widthrawal symptoms starting toshow.

    any chance we could get the files somewhere else

  • Jay

    Still no update on mediafire? 🙁

    • Im from the Philippines, i highly appreciate the efforts of CenturyKings MASK RIDER BLACK english subbed. Im really happy yet my eyes having tears when im watching the part of ending theme. Its a long, long ago 20th century, i remembering my childhood days. Watching Kamen Rider Black with my friends a decade ago. Kotaro Minami is Robert Akizuki in Philippine Dubbed of KRB (Mask Rider Black). Again, THANK YOU SO MUCH CENTURY KINGS FOR THIS KIND OF EFFORT!
      Ive been watch KRB Series in Youtube. Thanks for uploading.

      “LONG LONG AGO 20TH CENTURY. . . .”

  • Im hoping for SUPER SENTAI MASKMAN AND SHAIDER SPACE SHERIFF to be subbed. You’re great Century kings in translating Japanese to English. May blessed you always. thanks again!!!

  • nohtie

    Yeah mediafire deleted the folder. Please seed the torrents ep31-40 pls!!! anyone who can upload and share the other episodes?

  • RobRider

    Please seed all kamen rider black torrents. Much appreciated

  • Qzarro

    I’ve really enjoyed watching this series! Thanks for the hard work, and I look forward to the final special!

  • cconander


  • TankCoyote

    Will you do the second Kamen Rider Black movie and will you start on Black RX?

  • GreenCross

    any torrent file of all episodes?

  • Sergio

    Hello friend…

    Can you post this subtitles in STR format ?


  • Michael

    hi, thanks for the sharing. but seems like episode 51 can’t be watch. could you please take a look on it? thanks!