Release: Kamen Rider Black Episode 50

Description coming soon.

You can download the episode from MediaFire. Check out the rest of the episodes here.

I’ll make some torrents later, too!

  • d16ar

    Thanks Pal! Another exciting episode.

    Woo hoo! Kamen Rider Black RX do be done by 2020!

    • Pal

      Any time.

  • You made my weekend.

  • gantar

    hopefully Pal will do 2 TV Special for BLACK, its:

    -1987: This is Kamen Rider Black (episode 0, before ep01 airing) &

    -1988: Kamen Rider 1 Through RX: Big Gathering (also refered by episode 52)

    btw thanks for ep50

    • Pal

      Planning on it!

  • Crani

    Thanks PAL, just one more to go.

  • Mattsbl

    Yeah! Thank you so much.

  • erneest1323123

    Well episode 50 arrives lets hope the final episode comes next month “pal” and by the way at least this new theme in this site will do since this original one has too many “bugs”

  • Günter

    Thanks. Any chance for a softsubbed or a script release?

  • FortMax

    Pal, any plans to release a rar or zip of the .ass files? (If the last bits of the isos on Share ever show up, I’ll be able to make awesome new encodes)

  • Tony

    Thanks, Pal, for your work on these fansubs and keeping them available for all us English speaking Kamen Rider fans who have no other way to watch these shows.

    • Tack Angel

      One more to go man, you can do it!

  • metalmarquis

    Yay!!! Two more left!!! Thanks for doing this and more Kingstone power to you, Pal-dono!!!

  • Magz

    Thank you!
    We love you!

    • straberry nipples

      awww, man. let me hump your leg bro!!!!! *leghumps* thank you maaan :)))))

  • 優越

    thanks pal-sama for uploading ep. 50 looking forward to your kamen rider black rx

  • Getter Boat

    I love you PAL *O*

  • Watchinator

    You sir, are a true friend to justice. Thank you for all the hard work with this project, it is truly glorious.

  • dlmultiply

    Thanks a lot Pal! I’m glad that your site’s trojan problem is finally fixed.

    I agree with Gantar, I really hope that you can sub episode 52. I’ve seen the raw episode and it has a brief showa rider history. It’s pretty interesting unfortunately I can’t understand a word that they were saying.

  • shimukawa

    Thanks for the realease… 1 more episode to go…

  • エル

    Thank you so much! m(__ __)m

  • Chris C.

    Too awesome for words. 😀

  • Ken Arromdee

    I hope if they do do RX they start at 7, because GUIS already did 1-6….

  • Raúl Jiménez

    Thank you so much man. You made me a fan of kamen rider in just two weeks, but i think is amazing and admirable that you could do this project in all these years. I’ll wait for the last episode, check out this little Kamen rider tribute I made, it’s dedicated to you and all your hard work:

  • Lone Wolf

    Thx so much man. Very gud job. Hope you can release the last 2 episode.

    epi 51 & 52.

  • oldkaizer

    This is epic! Thanks!

  • please reupload in Media fire