• mattsbl

    Thank you so much, Pal. It’s good to see another release from you. TQ!!!!

  • Ayshara

    Thanks so much for this, two episodes to go and then maybe Black RX afterwards?

    • Magz

      A BIG THANK YOU!!!

    • Chris C.

      Hooray! That is all. 😛

  • Mr. E

    Hooray! Thank you so much for this. I knew you wouldn’t leave us hanging. 2 more episodes and it’s over.

  • DatGuy

    Thanks for the release! This make a good start of this year.

  • the batman

    Can you please upload a softsubs file? Also, won’t you sub the two specials known as Episode 0 and Episode 52? 🙂

  • shaddoe

    Fantastic! just two more episodes to go. I’ve waited for this moment for quite a while, as have many of us. Keep up the good work my friend.

  • Grant

    Hope that eernest guy is happy now

    • Chris C.

      this releas is nice but hasnt added episodes 50 and 51 yet i impatient

  • Triple M

    Thanks Pal!!!!!! You are the best!

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    thanks, i am very excited to see this! thanks alot for your works more power!

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    Finally! but lets hope you can finish subbing the last two episodes in about next month or maybe march or april or may.

    • Dark Ren

      you have no dick, dude. you have no dick

    • Pal

      Thanks for waiting! And I actually plan on finishing it in two weeks, as they’re my favorite episodes.

      • kamenriderbritannia

        any chance you might be starting RX after this is finished?

  • Dark Ren

    forgot to say, thanks Pal-sama. just take your time in finishing the rest episode. We all feel very grateful and will be waiting patiently. Thank you ^^

  • OH MY GOD… do i watch it now or wait for the last 2 for a movie length rider black… oh oh oh.. thanks!

    but i do wonder what the subtitles are like in the MALAY dvds of black ?

  • Getter Boat

    Yahoo !!!! Thanks a lot PAL-sama

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    Thx Pal for the good job!

    • Vic

      THANK YOU!! Can’t wait for the rest. Its great to see that your back on!

  • Thanks, you’re the best.

  • strawberry nipples

    aww, you shouldve done it like 3-6 more months late. i can wait. i really wanted that erneest to die waiting.

    many thanks though. i dint get to finish the series when i was a kid. now im finally going to. and its all thanks to you sir! :D:D:D:D

    umm….. can anybody here tell me where i can download hikari sentai maskman???? haha

  • Jumbo Pants

    Wow, cool! Pal, you rock. Thanks for the latest episode.

    Two more episodes and then we never have to put up with this dogfucker erneest ever again…!

    • 100ShinnAsuka

      This is awesome! Thanks!

      Question, though, where can I download older releases? The mediafire.com/centurykings link doesn’t work.

      Thanks again!

    • Pal

      I doubt that, but the ban hammer is always thirsty!

    • Ultramainterzab

      Thanks Pal, although I have already watched the last three episodes in portuguese, I couldn´t understand some of the dialog, and nothing compares to Tetsuo Kurata´s shouting.

      • shimukawa

        Thanks sir for the episodes.. can’t wait for 50 and 51…
        hope you’ll release it soon..

  • Thanx…..well done more episode to come

  • Thanks man, you are the best!

  • Grant

    Hey just curious after this will you be subbing that TV special that aired between the Black finale and the Rx premiere? I think it was called 1-Rx Gather all Members or something like that. Not a big deal I’m just making my own DVDs (for private use I assure you. Trust me I’d never even consider selling your work for profit I respect you too much for that) and just wanted to know so I would know whether or not to go ahead and burn after episode 51 or wait till “52” is released (if it’s going to be released). Thanks. And I appreciate all you’ve done.

    • Pal

      Yep, I sure will. I love that special.

  • dye_spinner

    hooray… at last after 6months.. another episode released….

    • dark_moonx1

      thanks so much for another episode Pal-sama… 2 more to go… can’t wait for RX though… ^________^

  • No.

    Holy fucking shit an update.

    See you in august for episode 50? :v

  • omigasun

    are those files are safe..,you know because of SOFA n PIPA..,the Fed are shutting down megaupload and many other.

    • Pal

      They’re all on my hard drive. The MediaFire files are the backup.

  • Kotaro

    Thanks Pal!!! oh god the suspense is gna kill every1 when we all wait for the final episode =P

    • ulrichxyco

      Thanks! Two More Episodes!

  • anomaly

    Hey Pal,
    I have to inform you that your site is infected with malware. My antivir prog alerted an infection after visiting your site, everytime I return to it the alert appears instantly. It’s called “JS/Infected.C”. Seems like it’s nothing serious but it’s annoying.
    I hope you can find the problem.
    Btw. good to see that you are about to wrap up your subbing project. Keep up the good work.

    • Pal

      Fixed for now. It definitely is annoying, not sure how it happened. It’s effecting the javascript files, might have to tighten security with htaccess.

  • Alex

    There is a problem with episode 23. When i download it it say that the file is broken

  • Alex

    Same problem with episode 3

  • Party Poop

    Thanks pal an update!

    @Alex, just try again mate sometimes ddl’s are a bit messed up.

    • Alex

      Thanks Party Poop i tried to download it again and it worked 🙂

  • Anon Rider

    Are you guys done with using torrents? With such a great series, it seems a shame to leave it just as DDL when you could reach so many more people by expanding to torrents.

    Either way, great episode! Keep up the good work!

  • des

    i need help. i can’t download episodes 49 – 51