Release: Kamen Rider Black Movie 2

Golgom has set its sights on Yubari, a city in Hokkaido, and plans to rebuild it into a metropolis that will serve as the headquarter of the Golgom Empire. A giant robot is being forcibly created by Dr. Makino, but escapes from the clutches of Golgom only to have his family kidnapped. Will Kotaro be able to rescue the Makino family, the fate of Yubari, and the world?

You can download the movie in two parts at MediaFire (part 1, part 2). Check out the rest of the episodes here.

  • Thanks! Fir all your effort, hard work, and care somuch about this series , Pal-sama ^^

    • ansi

      Thanks for the release metalpal! Anyway, could you reupload ep 42 to mediafire? Having trouble downloading that particular episode. Thanks in advance!

      • Getter-Boat

        Pay Respect to you………. PAL

  • Ayshara

    I’m having the same downloading issues with episode 42.

  • dlmultiply

    Thanks Pal and get well soon!

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  • thanks a lot 🙂

  • kamenridernight

    thank you very much for continuing to upload KRB series..
    hope you get blessed for this 🙂
    i made a KRB series remake on my youtube pls watch it.
    it would be a honor arigato!

  • Sano


  • Angel

    Thank you very much!

    Nice, though hardsubs like out of ancient times :/

  • Biotenshi-Vyond

    thank you very much sir!

  • WOOHOO! Thank you. Can’t wait to see the 2nd movie. Awesome to the MAX!

  • shaddoe

    awesome! I’m curious, after you finish Kamen Rider Black, what will you do?

  • aburera

    thanks pal..but please hurry up and finish the rest of the’s only left 5 episodes, keep it up till the end..

  • Secretbear

    Thank you! I have always wanted to watch this! Kamen Rider Black daisuki!!!♥♥♥

  • nazer rider

    Thank for shre the movies

  • Pixeltoad

    This is awesome, thanks!

  • Sano

    its been two months mate… its too long overdue… are you allright…?

  • Kotaro

    let us know what’s up pal!

  • thnks for the video i miss this movie pls uplod the other episode 47 up to end pls T_T

  • Tom

    nice. do you guys have plans to sub Black RX once youve finished black?

    • Mr. E

      That would be awesome if they could.

  • xyberbotman

    Thanks for the release. More Power!!!

  • DoubleFace

    Watched all 46 + 2 movies. Please, don’t abandom this project. Only 5 episodes left! I can’t find any subs for Black.

  • savior

    hello, are you gonna finish the project? i’ve been waiting the next release for months, and there is no news from you.. i’m not pushing you, but at least you write in some updates so we know your status, if no, we don’t know whether is it still running or not? and we’re checking the site everyday.

  • CreationOfGorgom

    I was wondering if you might know any site that has Black RX hardsubbed..will you be doing RX after finishing Black?

  • Birman

    First of all, big thanks for subbing this. The only file I couldn’t get is KR Black Movie 2 part 1 on mediafire. Seems broken. Any chance of fixing this? Thanks!