Release: Kamen Rider Black Movie 2

Golgom has set its sights on Yubari, a city in Hokkaido, and plans to rebuild it into a metropolis that will serve as the headquarter of the Golgom Empire. A giant robot is being forcibly created by Dr. Makino, but escapes from the clutches of Golgom only to have his family kidnapped. Will Kotaro be able to rescue the Makino family, the fate of Yubari, and the world?

You can download the movie in two parts at MediaFire (part 1, part 2). Check out the rest of the episodesĀ here.

Release: Kamen Rider Black Episode 46 (update)

Black Sun and Shadow Moon are summoned by the Creation King, and told to fight one another so to decide on the rightful heir to the throne. Baraom, sworn to avenge Bishium’s death, is tasked to defeat Kamen Rider. With help by Whale Mutant, he lures Kamen Rider into a trap, but no one was prepared for the upcoming events.

You can download the episode fromĀ MediaFire. Check out the rest of the episodesĀ here.

UPDATE: If you were one of a dozen people to download the version with video/audio sync issues, redownload it now! The CRC (the numbers in the filename) should match “DA6CCE8A”.