• mattsbl

    Yeah!!! Thanks Pal…

  • RunnerUp

    Coolness! Thanks a lot Pal.

  • Thankas a lot, pal-sama! You’re doing great for all us Black fans!

  • We all love you, Pal. Hopefully that doesn’t sound too creepy.

  • KR Fan

    Dude! You’re awesome! Thanks so much for your work!!!

  • Jim

    Thank you Pal for your time in continuing to sub Black for us all 🙂

  • RunnerUp

    was about to ask you why there were quite a number of typos in this release when i noticed your tweet.

    well, i’ll be waiting for the re-encoded version and download it again then!

  • Passerby

    Awesome. First time poster long time watcher. Can’t wait for the next episode.

  • Eiji

    Thank you good sir.

  • Thatguy

    Awesome, we were missing you.

  • dlmultiply

    welcome back & thanks a lot pal!

  • dark_moonx1

    Thanks a lot Pal-sama… by the way, is there a way in which we could get this in RS or MU? can’t seem to get access to MF… the connection always times out… thanks…

  • jeroro_rider

    wow! it’s almost finished!!!

  • Kamen rider black rx

    i been watting All the episode on veoh and i didnt see them

  • @Kamen rider black rx: Well, I had been uploading the videos through my account, but Veoh deleted it because of my Ultraman uploads. I imagine Pal just hasn’t had time to upload the newest episodes of KR Black to his Veoh profile, so I’d cut him some slack.

  • Cephus

    Just checking to see if you ever re-encoded episode 45? I’ve been holding off getting it, but I really, really want to see it. Thanks for your excellent work on this series, it’s been fantastic!

  • can you please update more episode please and i hope it was subtitled in english, hope you’ll update more episodes i’ve been waiting for this for a long time,
    thank you so much! hope you’ll uploaded a good and clear video thanks again!

  • Hey, don’t forget to keep updating your Twitter or we’re gonna worry about you. 🙂

  • Captain Rock

    What CCZilla said.
    Oh and here’s to hoping we can finish Black by New Years! It’s getting so good I can hardly wait to see the finale.

  • roberto

    hope you’ll uploaded more episodes, its only 6 episodes left hope that will be a good and clear video. . and i hope that this would be uploaded on or before the new year..

    thanks again buddy . . .


  • kraziekool

    To all the CK staff, you’ve done a wonderful job with this series. Thanks for all the hard work. And thanks for keeping this FREE!

    I am looking forward to the rest of the episodes and specials.

    Keep it up! 🙂


  • kamenridernight

    pls upload the remaining episodes
    i find great inspiration in your videos for my coming series in youtube
    thanks a lot ck!

  • omigasun

    Hi..,You’re Doing a greate job..,n PLZ notify us that you’re still doing it..,

  • SarubahePH

    Good work team CK…

    I do hope you would release the last six episodes (46-51) and the second KRB movie, I’m dying to watch the finale since Philippines’ IBC 13 didn’t finish the entire series and only the first movie was shown in theaters here in the Philippines along with the movies of Hikari Sentai MASKMAN and Choudenshi BIOMAN within the ’90s.

  • pokyie

    waiting for epsd 46-51

  • aburera

    hi, i was wondering whether are you stil intend to finish the subs for the remaining episodes of kamen rider black.. it’s ok if u are busy, but please at least reply us here whether are u gonna continue or not, thanks..

  • sanowasi

    Thanks CK for your great upload!! really appreaciate your most hard work! looking forward to the final episodes of KR Black with upmost anticipation!