• downloading, thanks again for allyour work, pal-sama1 ^^

  • Steel A Jeeg

    Excellent release, as always, Pal! I have a feeling we’ll see the end of the series this year!

  • Damai minami

    Thank’s Pal….finally u’r upload this episode…
    i will always waiting next episode….
    by the way, i have one question,,u will upload episode kamen rider black RX???

  • watched, Awesome episode, with a nice peek at the humans minions of Gorgom 😉

  • Neat episode as always. Thanks again for all of your work, guys!

  • Yamato

    Thanks again for all of your hard work – good stuff, as always – Thanks!!

  • kotoro

    awesome as usual =) thanks pal

  • MB

    This was great. Can I help you guys at all? I AM DYING TO SEE THE LAST 6 EPS.

  • Kikaida

    Loving all of these . . . thanks for all of your hard work!

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    thanks so much for the uploads… can’t wait to finish watching all episodes..

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    Hey, i waiting the last episodes (45-50) thanks.

  • Jetconvoy

    Dude, we are all waiting for the last eps. You aren’t special. But this takes time and hard work! Rather then just post something like that, support the man’s hard work!

    Good job man and we all love your work! I don’t know how many people I got into Kamen Rider using this series! I love the new series but the classics are some of the best!

  • aida135

    Thank you so much for the subs. I grew up watching dubbed episodes, which deprived me from hearing the actors original voice and language.

    I also love the translated ending song, so beautiful! Is there a chance you might translate the whole song?

    To all fans here, anybody has the kanji version of the ending song?

    Again, thank you for such patience in sharing these cool series.

  • MidoRei

    Oh tanks so much! =)

    I just found this site and I’m happy that someone translate Kamen Rider Black! 😀

    Thanks again ^.^

  • shaddoe

    just a few more eps to go. 🙂 This is very exciting! keep up the good work my friend!

  • EcliptorCalrissian

    Thanks for subbing this series. I’m up to 22 and it’s shaping up to be very interesting! I hear it’s the best KR series of them all, and I’m looking forward to what comes next. I hope you’ll go on to do Black RX as well.

    Oh, and also, I’m begging – *begging* – you to post on Youtube as well, or some other site… we’ll find it. Just so long as it’s not Veoh. I don’t know what Veoh was like when you first starting using it, but “the good Youtube” is far from what it is now. Not only does it have unskippable TV commercial-length ads before playing (and during, sometimes up to three times) the pop-up ads at the bottom of the screen can appear very frequently (like, every minute and a half at the most frequent) and lately, you can only *minimize* them but not close them – meaning the ad is *permanently* part of the screen and covering the show you’re trying to watch (and blocking part of the sub, though you can still read.)

    Also, I don’t know if it was a one-time glitch (it doesn’t *sound* like something a site would do on purpose, but never underestimate how far Veoh will go to make sure your paltry attempt at TV viewing doesn’t interfere with the onslaught of the ads!) but when I accidentally clicked on one trying to minimize it, when whatever was being advertised opened, the video paused and the controls disappeared and *stayed* disappeared after closing the other page, meaning I couldn’t resume the video and had to wait for it to load all over again.

    It was *bad* about ads when I found it. It’s a *wasteland* now. The need to click on part two of an episode on YT once part one ends is mildly annoying, but it’s nothing compared to the Veoh experience.

    So, yeah. Alternatives, please!

  • [neosknivez]

    looking forward to KRB film no. 2: “Fear Evil monster mansion” and of course, Episodes 45-51… [most especially my favorite, eps. 47 and 49]

  • yo pal…

    i believe the next episode would be the death of bisuim? how is it going…

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    We love PAL.
    We love PAL.
    We love PAL.

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    Thanks for all your hard work. I look forward to the final episodes.

  • Hey, if you’re reading this, just concerned that you haven’t updated your twitter in a while. I mean, it’s cool that there’s not another episode out yet, but I’d just like to know if you’re actually doing okay. Two and a half months w/o a peep makes me feel a bit worrisome. :/

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    Any chance of a quick update? It has been a while. Thanks for all your hard work Pal.

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    when will you release the other episodes?? thanks for keeping the memories of kamen rider black till now!!!

  • jessmer

    thanks for keeping krb memories alive… hope you release all the episodes