Release: Kamen Rider Black Episode 42

Yuuki and Makoto, brothers gifted with psychic powers, are targeted by Golgom to help in resurrecting fallen mutants. Older brother Yuuki is captured and manipulated by Fly Mutant, and unleashes countless mutant spirits upon Tokyo. With the aid of Makoto, Kotaro searches for a way to put the mutant spirits to rest once and for all.

You can download the episode from MediaFire.

  • RunnerUp

    Now I can watch episodes 41 and 42 back to back!

    Double coolness!

  • Two episodes in a row! Thanks! Pal-sama!

  • Zyu92

    Thanks for the new episode Pal but the mediafire link isn’t working. Anychance of a sendspace or megaupload? Thanks again.

    • Zyu92

      Sorry about that, its working now. Forget what i said, except the thankyou’s.

  • Simetimes happens with mediafire, but in general, is more reliable than other srvices

  • Ins0mNiA

    Thanks Pal-sama ! Clocked Up?

  • KamenGrappler

    Thank you sooooooo much for starting this project back up.

  • DJ Era

    Mr. PAL, thank you for this wonderful share!!!

  • Kotaro

    THanks Pal! You are truly awesome surprising us like that!

  • Getter-Boat

    Double thanks for you Pal

  • CCZilla

    Solid episode, with some neat returns of some great mutants.

  • Argyle Bear

    Thanks as always! Can’t wait to watch em!

    • Magz

      Can’t THANK YOU enough!!
      Truely, what a surprise and what a nice new year gift!!
      Wonderful break from studies *wiee*

  • Einherjar

    keep em coming…. nice……
    gonna wait and watch it til episode 51

  • Ban


    Pal – POWERFUL MOVE good sir!!! 🙂
    zeldAIS – ASTIG ka talaga sir, LUPET (cool)!!! 🙂
    Serabii – nicely done…BRILLIANT!!! 🙂

    thank you for this…bless you guys…more power!!!

  • Damai Minami

    Cool….I Love So Much kamen Rider Black….But,,I want U Upload To Kamen Rider Black RX…Thank U so Much,,Doumo arigatou Ne…
    I Always Waiting U Upload Kamen Rider Black RX…

  • Aetolus

    Sooooo… any chance of getting this on Torrent?

  • When Kamen Rider Black Vs Maria Ozawa???

  • Red Ringo

    Awesome, just 9 episodes left.

    After BLACK, any plans of subbing BLACK RX?


    ei everyone i found a site for KRB…….pls try and check out the links if they are ok up to the last episode…it was tagged Century Kings fansubbed….i dont know if it has english subs in it..please leave a reply^^..

    her is the link^^

  • PurpleKickHopper

    Just found Century Kings! Excellent work! Just 9 left and then . . . ?

  • Kotaro

    is pal gone again?

    • Pal

      Been busy again : Was on a business trip last week, and also two weeks before that. I’ll be out of the country next week on a business trip, so hectic!

  • Kotaro

    omygosh pal haha, thats heck of a schedule, good luck on your trip!

  • dlmultiply

    take your time pal, good luck on your business trip!

  • shaddoe

    wow! this is really awesome.

  • ace

    Something worth to be watched!

  • BlackSun

    seems that i can’t download Ep 41 and 42… turns an Error 404

  • Alex

    The link is dead can you euplod it please ?

  • putri99

    Kamen Rider, you have the same childhood as I am. I have a lot of merchandise of KR at home.