Release: Kamen Rider Black Episode 41

Two mysterious samurai, with a time manipulation device, wreaks havoc on the city as time itself is distorted. Mamoru, a young boy who lost his father during a Golgom attack, attempts to change the past with the device, but an evil power rears its ugly head.

You can download the episode fromĀ MediaFire.

  • Pal-sama, allow me to thank you in the name of all your followers. This is a very good New Year surprise! I’m very, very happy to start the year this manner. Thanks again and keep up the good work, Pal-sama!

  • Sieg29

    Thank you so much for this release Pal! Appreciate it!

  • KC

    sorry..this is one episode that I will not be downloading because it was the worst KR Black episode. The story in this one is a real mess.

  • RunnerUp

    as always, coolness!

  • DJ Era

    Pal Sama, Thanks for this gift!!! I’ve been waiting for episode 41. I hope that the upcoming projects will upload soon. Thank you so much!!!

  • dlmultiply

    new year, new episode! thanks a lot pal! can’t wait for the episode that [spoiler]black dies.[/spoiler]

  • Aetolus

    is there any chance of getting this by torrent? I cant access mediafire…
    Thank you for the New years present PAL!!!

    • Pal

      Soon! I haven’t created the torrent since my upload speed is less than stellar. Hopefully some people can help in seeding once they download via MediaFire.

  • CCZilla

    Right now, I am acting like that kid who got the N64.

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  • Getter-Boat

    Thanks Thanks Thanks

  • Eric

    thanks for the download been waiting for this, however mediafire dont seem to be working at all. Any chance off getting it fix?

  • John

    Hey guys. The mediafire link is not working. ANybody knows if there’s a torrent for this one? PAL thanks so much for translating the vids. Enjoyed watching up to the 31st episode so far.

  • Kotaro

    Whenever I try to get to your site it reports of a Malware or Attack detection. You may want to look into that. So far, Chrome and now, Firefox has detected what I said above.

    Can’t also download Episodes 41 and 42 using your link. You may also want to look into that.

    Other than that, swell site! Keep it up! Only a few more episodes then hopefully you’ll release Black RX also.