Tetsuo Kurata Presents: “Unforgivable!!” T-Shirt


Behold, the Tetsuo Kurata “Unforgivable!!” T-Shirt. The front of the shirt reads Kamen Rider Black’s trademark phrase “Unforgivable!!” and the fist mark below is Kurata’s own Rider Punch. Similarly on the back is a Rider Kick foot print, with “Tetsu” written above it for good measure. There’s a second design that features an illustration of Kurata’s face. And yes, that’s him modeling for his own shirt!

The text running down the center on the image above reads “Can you withstand the power of my kick!?”.

Currently the t-shirt is sold out, and reprints are unlikely. Supposedly he’s selling these shirts at his steak house as well.

  • Alara Moonrunner

    Damn… πŸ™

  • Damn also πŸ™ Well, only one solution: make my own Kamen Rider Black T-shirt! πŸ˜‰

  • Bee

    Tetsuo is such a cool guy.

  • CCZilla

    I WANT NOW. D:

  • kheivy

    oohhh my God… kurata san…. he’s so cool… so handsome… God Bless You…

    • MIKI 11

      REALLY HANDSOME… at the age of 40? yuh right

  • Angryrider

    Darn! But I’ll settle for Black trying to eat a steak.

  • dark_moonx1

    I want one… πŸ™ πŸ™ πŸ™

    • MIKI 11

      i want HIM!!!! the t-shirt…

  • IndigoLagris

    I want one.
    The footprint on back is his own foot?

  • dlmultiply

    i want one too, i hope they can export or something.
    that guy is immune to ageing!

  • Man! He’s DEFINTELY COOL! I’d like that shirt too!

  • Red Ringo

    Okay, he just mixed the best things ever. Western motif, steak, Kamen Rider BLACK, badass shirt design… Tetsuo Kurata is a damn genius!

  • hi,really well shirt,do you know where i can find that elegant.thanks,bill