Release: Kamen Rider Black Episode 40

Kamen Rider Black Episode 39

Kotaro has tracked down a mutant that fled to a forest. There he meets karate master Saburo Takasugi and his student Satoru, and warns them of the dangerous situation. Satoru, insistent that nothing can defeat his Master, tells Kotaro not to worry. Kotaro senses that not everything is as it seems, and reveals the Master’s darkest secrets…

You can download the episode via MediaFire and torrent.

  • x0x0

    thanks… and will always be thankful.

  • Thanks as always Pal-sama :3 Otsukare! 😀

    Hmm… the guy in the screenshot looks very familiar… Is that a bad guy in the old series of Toei Tokus? I’m not sure… hmm…

    • Raida|23

      Thank you for your work on this great series. Hope everything keeps being good for you.

    • neosknivez

      it’s probably Masashi Ishibashi (the guy who portrayed Iron Claw in JAKQ). yes, he always has appearances in a majority of Toei Tokus.

  • Blade Dancer

    Wow, thanks so much for this, Pal! I look forward to finally being able to finish watching Black, with your awesome help!

  • Mr Jim

    Woo-hoo! Thanks Pal, its great having you back for more Kamen Rider Black! I’m a poet & did not know it! Okay, I’ll stop now…

  • angryrider

    Another one?! You’re a machine Pal!

  • mattsbl

    WOWWWWWW!!! another release just after a few days… Thanks!!!!

  • Now i’m registered, sorry for the double posting. And.. thanks again for the release. now i must go ut (something to do for my job. But tomorrow i promise you to make a comment about the episode.

    And i’m with zeldAIS. The guy in the screenshot looks familiar to me.

  • Zuplado69

    Pal Sama, thanks for this fansub. Like you, I’m a great fan of Kamen Rider Black. I’m Looking forward to the next episodes. Once again… Thank you so much.

  • A good episode, but.. i can’t explain why Black do not use the Multi-Eye or anothe rof his powers to find Salamander when he becomes invisible.

  • kamenriderJEIMESU

    hi.. thanks again for this wonderful episode.. hopefully after you finish the kamen rider black episodes, you will continue it by upload kamen rider black rx.. haha.. thanks a lot!

  • zilent_killer

    WOW! I’ve been searching this for the whole time! Finally I found this site! I hope you upload the rest of the episodes! Thank You Pal

  • Getter-Boat

    The force be with you Pal.

  • Shadow Moon

    Thanx, Pal! Can’t wait 2 see for the battle episodes, between Me vs. Black Sun! Keep Working, Pal…

  • Eric

    HELL YEAH! I am so happy you came back!

  • Getter-Boat

    Anyone know about Kamen Rider Black Movie 2 ?

  • zhuzhu8376

    Pal San
    Your are back i haven’t been here for quite sometimes but as i said in the older post ,i will seed this episode as long as someone wants it.
    Happy that your are back and thanks for all the hard work put in by you and the people who are helping you.

  • Mogambo

    I just discovered this site, and I can’t wait to get some of the goodies on offer (after I burn some movies and stuff and have space)….

    But people, please, how can u not recognize the dude in the still? He’s the bad guy from The Street Fighter with Sonny Chiba!!! (Erm… okay, aside from that, I dunno who he is either, but he can kick ass and he has a cool scary face!)

  • Point Blank

    Wanna watch Kamen Rider Black on both your PSP and PS3?

    I’ve encoded episodes into mp4 format for PSP so you can take Kamen Rider Black with you on the go.

    You’ll need WinRAR to extract the episodes.


    More on the way.

    And Pal, please use these episodes for your site!

  • Point Blank

    Just realized the RAR is bigger than a gig. I’ll try to upload it elsewhere and update the link.

  • KRBlack Fan

    Pal when is the next episode coming we have waiting so patiently! Please respond.

  • Wel, we only can wait. And, for me, i’m very thankful to Pal-sama for meke me know this seroies, and, thanks to this, know the rest of the classic kamen riders!

  • Mogambo

    I see I commented on Nov 3rd how I was going to start watching soon – now it’s Dec 16th & I’m on ep 37 already… way fast for me!

    Thanks for subbing KRB, it’s definitely a top-ten toku show.

    Btw, I also watched your collab with Skewed, Kamen Rider J, which is wicked – nearly all fighting! But is it me or is he like Kamen Rider Black, only green?

  • Kamen Rider ZX

    You are about as close to God as humanly possible for continuing the sub for KR BLACK. Hope we’ll be able to see even more Eps soon.

    Thanks for your hard work.