Release: Kamen Rider Black Episode 39

Kamen Rider Black Episode 39

Yuko Ooi is a new idol sweeping the nation with her charming songs, but her fans start to abandon work and schooling to forcefully promote her videos. Suspicious, Kotaro investigates but Yuko’s fans aggressively attack him to protect her. Will Kotaro be able to solve the mystery before the nation becomes Yuko’s slaves?

You can download the episode via MediaFire and torrent.

  • yeah1 thanks, Pal-sama!!! ^^ You really are someone to thanks for all your work. All this work made by one person only is something to celebrate, and, one more time, say thanks for all your effort!

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      I have people helping me here and there, plus everyone’s encouraging words πŸ™‚ I’m not alone!

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    Yay! *goes to download and considers upping it to MU as well*

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    btw I just checked the download section and the sendspace link only leads to the banner you made for that link. The other two are fine though.

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      Thanks for the catch, fixed!

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    Can someone seed the torrent please, better yet upload all episodes at MU or RS.

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    This is great news! Thank you for the new episode! Let’s hope you can keep up a brisk pace, and maybe even move on to Black RX!

    If you ever need help with QC, let me know. I used to help /m/Subs with Kamen Rider Kuuga.

    I hope you’re feeling better. I’m already spreading the word on twitter and /m/

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    Here’s a MU link for everyone who’s asking:

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      Wow! Thank you so much for continuing this project! We all are cheering for you!

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    Pal, here’s the folder for KRB on MU for everyone.

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    sir where is episode 47?