Hello, friends

Sorry for the long absence. It’s been a very hard year for me, and I haven’t been in a good enough mood to look at any fansub work. However, I feel that I should get back to this so that I can make some people happy. I also have some people helping me so I should be able to get work done more efficiently. Maybe in return I’ll get some happiness back, seeing your excited comments.

Thank you every one for not forgetting me. I do read all your comments as they come in, I really appreciate it. I’ll do my best to return the favor.

  • CCZilla

    Here’s hoping you’ll all fansub again for all of us soon, however, your personal life is much more important to take care of. Thanks for the update, though! It’s nice to hear you say something instead of nothing at all. 🙂

  • Akira Takasaki

    I agree with CCzilla your personal life is much more important nice to heard from you pal looking forward to your fansub again.

  • And i agree, too. Nice toy hear of you. Take care. We all wait to your treturn 😉

  • Triple M

    Thanks for keeping up with us Pal! Take care of yourself first and foremost. If you could use any more help drop me a line or let Ais know, we’re both in TV-Nihon. Good to hear from you!! Hope to see more of you in the future

  • Mr Jim

    Good to hear from you again Pal. I have been enjoying your fansubs & look forward to more. However, don’t feel the need to crank another episode out until you have your heart & soul into it. Thats what fansubbing is all about – the enjoyment of the process, not as a chore. You have all our support!

  • Blacksun

    I thought you will never come back but i keep coming back to your site, the best kamen rider black fan site ever!!! good to hear that you are alright, keep up the goodwork men and i wish you finish this very soon looking forward for your next episode, men how i wish you also have the other 2 kamen rider black movies, and also i hope you also make its suceeding series black RX and its movies, GO FOR THE GOAL GODBLESS AND GOODLUCK FOR YOUR PERSONAL LIFE!!! Thanks for bringing back smile to our face!!! ^^

  • Blacksun

    EVERYONE, THE BLACK IS BACK!!! ill announced to others that pal is back hehehe ^^

  • typhoon_2099

    Yay! great to see you’re back (in black, lol). I’m available if you’re in need of help.

  • Eugene

    Good to hear from you Pal! that sooner you will comeback! I miss the episodes of Kamen Rider Black from 39-51, it’s because is a good story that you never seen it any Masked Rider Series. And you are the best translator in making a Fansub title in Masked Rider Black. And I hope that sooner you also worked to make a Fansub in Maksman and FiveMan Fan sub. Thank you so much from your response to us! GODBLESS and continue to serve your Fans.

  • Bee

    Oh man you’re okay, thank god!

  • Ambspock

    glad that you still alive and kicking. also glad to see you back. i honestly enjoy and love this show. glad to hear from you again

  • Getter-Boat

    If Minami Kotaro surrender to destiny ,That he not be a Hero .
    Wake up your KingStone Pal !!

  • Greywing

    Hey Pal, great to hear you’re OK! No rush on the episodes – any reasonable person knows Century Kings is basically a one man operation, and I for one am grateful whenever you can release an episode! Take care, man – looking forward to seeing more Black when you’re able!

  • Josh

    You take care of yourself first Pal! There is nothing more important then one’s own well being. It’s because of you that I got into Kamen Rider and Tokusatsu by watching your subs of Black, which also led me to TV-Nihon. It’s sad to hear that things haven’t been going well but I’m sure you’ll get back on track soon!

  • kotoro

    Nice to hear from you pal, best wishes !!

  • Kilibob

    You’re neither forgotten nor unmissed. Whatever the details of your travails might be, let my voice be another in the chorus wishing you and yours stability and peace.

    Whilst doing what you need to do to get where you need to be in this crazy lifegame, I hope you will carry with you a surety that at least this particular (until recently primarily a) lurker has truly enjoyed your output and appreciates your (very) hard work.

    If not for your work I would have never watched a Kamen Rider episode…so I guess it’s ultimately your “fault” I had to recently buy a multi-terabyte HDD to hold all my Kamen Rider fansubs. Okay, and all the other fansubbed toku. And a goodly number of raws. And that complete Doctor Who run. And to be fair, most of it predates my (relatively new) love affair with riders. I’m still gonna (try to) pin this one on you, though, neh? It’s not a bad thing at any rate, by my metrics! ;-D

    You’ll always be in my list of “must check daily” fansub sites, never worry, and I surely cannot be the only one for whom this holds true, so take the time it takes to properly situate: nobody (of import, lol) will fault you nor fail to understand.

  • waranabatokwa

    hey man, no need to rush.. ^__^

    thanks for your awesome work..

  • Gao

    Take your time, sir. You are doing an awesome thing here, we can wait for as long as it takes.

    I do want to stress though just how valued your fansubs are and how much enjoyment I’ve gained from watching them. Thank you once again for your hard work!!

  • 4-Eyes

    I live in Japan and I’ve been trying to MAKE a superhero for the past year but there are so many outside distractions that get in the way so I know how ya feel. I’m actually amazed that you got this far into subbing the series.

    It’d be a shame to see it get cut off before everybody gets a chance to see the ending, so just take your time with it and hopefully some inspiration will come to you again.

    Oh, I’ve also started encoding everything you’ve subbed so far into mp4 so that it can be viewed on PSP and PS3. I’ll send you upload links once they’re up.

    Keep up the hard work and don’t give up. Black never did.


  • Ins0mNiA

    Okaenasai Pal-sama ^^

  • Ray

    Yey Pal is back =)
    Are you planning to subs Doraemon Again?
    If you yes, could you please subs for Doraemon: Nobita and the Winged Braves (のび太と翼の勇者たち) =)



    • Pal

      Next Doraemon movie’s coming soon! But I’ll most likely finish Black before I work on the next movie 😛

  • dartsabre

    thanks goodness, you’re back. your subs are one of the best out there. i miss your work but whatever caused you to lag behind subbing the remaining episodes of BLACK, wish you will be able to pass with flying colors. we’ll wait patiently for the next episode no matter how long it will be. your life should be the first priority.

    Take care always and Godspeed:-)

  • dartsabre

    by the way, nice web layout you have there with the Century Kings on the top.

  • Hello, I have been watching your Kamen Rider Black series and I have noticed it wasn’t finished and I wanted to offer my help as a timer. Since you are the translator I’m sure translation is the reason why you’re behind but I thought that maybe me helping can also be a load off to. So please contact me if you would like me to help ^^ if you don’t, then just contact me saying not too.

    I also have experience doing it if that helps any, and also, thank you for continuing this project, you are awesome 🙂

  • Magz

    Welcome back!!!

    We all miss you, however, you are doing this job for free..so we can’t demand anything from you. But we are very glad to hear from you after long time. Althought, your personal life is much more important to take care of as the others here mentioned.

    Take care! Cheers

  • IndigoLagris

    Glad to see you back on the line.

    Everyone ever had such a hard time atleast once in livetime. Here you can over come it and in good condition now. That’s good news.

    I’m still your fan, and waiting for your release.

  • dlmultiply

    you don’t know how happy i am right now, it’s like christmas in november! welcome back and thank you so much for all the hardwork you put into each episode!

  • ShaddoeMan

    Welcome back! it’s been a while, and we understand that things can get weird, hectic and so on and stressful. I hope things get better, and all of your supporters continue to support you and are just glad that you are okay.

    I’m glad you’re back to finish Kamen Rider Black, cuz very few people who fansub stuff finish what they start. but we’re all glad that you do intend to finish what you’ve started, that shows dedication my friend, which I admire and I’m sure the rest of your supporters also admire. anyway, best wishes and keep ’em coming!

  • blacksun

    wow!!! kamen rider black!!! woooooooo tnx 4 uploading this kamen rider series it’s part of my childhood, , it brings back memory when minami doing the henshin, ,i thought i’m not going to see it again, ,my childhood super hero returns hahahahaha!!!thank you so much!!! thank you thank you thank you unlimited thank you, ,keep up the good work and i hope this is not the only kamen rider you gonna upload thank you so much again!!! more power!!! RIDER PUNCH!!!