Where is Pal?

I apologize for the long absence. I didn’t have time nor was I in the right environment to work on fansubs — I don’t even have a desk right now : I’m moving into another apartment this month, and I should be able to regularly fansub again once settled in.

Thank you for all your comments. You guys are the best 🙂

  • Deka Black

    And thanks to you for your patience with us, Pal-sama! Truly you are the best!

  • Kotaro

    Glad you’re okay PAL!! 🙂

    • That’s understandable. I can only speak for myself, but I’ll gladly wait as long as it takes. Kamen Rider Black has gone without English subs for a little over 20 years now, and you’ve got most of it done, so I’m not worried about delays.

      • Bobby

        Glad you’re doing alright, cuz that’s the most important thing, your personal wellbeing. With that said though, I certainly look forward to the remaining 13 episodes left in Kamen Rider Black.

        Be safe and be healthy!

  • Greywing

    Glad to hear you’re well, Pal! Take your time – your personal health and happiness is more important than subbed toku!

  • MZK

    Then go!

    • mattsbl

      no need to apologize Pal. it’s good as long as you still here. i’m the one who should thank you for the last 38 episodes..

  • HenshinRider


    Good to know you’re still around. I watched the HK subbed Kamen Rider Black and they are really cannot compare to what you do. Please continue! HENSHIN!

  • Alara Moonrunner

    It’s good to hear a progress report from you Pal, I can wait however long it will take for the next episode. Also if possible can you put the rest of the KR Black series on sendspace, only a few episodes are on there and I can’t use torrents atm (stupid RIAA and [email protected]^& Concast).

  • ShinkenRed

    There is no one rushing you. I’m glad someone out there is subbing this show, and I will wait as long as it takes for it to be done. I’ve always been regularly checking on the page for updates, so I’m glad to see the subs will continue. Thanks for everything you have done so far, and in advance for what you will continue.

  • Ins0mNiA

    Pal returns during Valentines day !

  • Triple M

    Take care of yourself dude, we’re all looking forward to your triumphant return! Henshin!

  • Kotaro

    lol so many loyals fans – im one of them =) nice 2 hear from u

    • Kamen Rider XRO

      If anyone here hasnt heard the news that KBR and the other Showa Era Rider are going to be in Kamen Rider Decade the Movie: All Riders vs Dai Shocker

  • Godaiger

    Take all the time you need, Pal. I don’t do fansubs but I can imagine how hard and time consuming it is.

  • sesiom-kun

    Thanks. Glad to here your back. I hope you’ll have Kamen Rider Black RX as your next project after the last 13 episodes of Kamen Rider Black. More power, God bless you.

    • sesiom-kun

      Oops, wrong english. “Thanks. Glad to hear you’re back.”

  • dark_moonx1

    Your absence only made us crave more for your subs Pal-sama… Your release is worth the wait… We do hope that RX is next in your project… Arigatou gozaimasu…

  • KudosForce

    Pal, I must say that thanks to you, I have discovered the marvelous greatness of Kamen Rider. I like the work you put on this series, which has drama and butt-kicking music.

    As such, I am anxiously anticipating the remaining cour of the series. Take your time, because you deserve it.

  • Kamen Rider XRO

    Yeah I waited years to see this series a lil while longer isnt going to kill me. Tho I am working on my own Kamen Rider story that has some influence with Black and some of the more recent Riders as well. H

  • caslern

    where is engsub kamen rider black episode 39?

  • just thought i dropped by. Pal-sama, ganbatte ne ^_^ hope things get better for both of us :3 (/me just remembered our conversation last time XD)

  • caslern

    so when coming out? kamen rider black 39 eng sub?

  • kotaro

    heyy pal have u settled into your apartment yet? its been almost half a year

    • yesus

      he is dead..along with our Kamen sama.thambi yennadey~!!

  • Minami Kotaro

    Where are you PAL many hopes you’ll be back, please come back and continue the series!!!


    ei everyone i found a site for KRB…….pls try and check out the links if they are ok up to the last episode…it was tagged Century Kings fansubbed….i dont know if it has english subs in it..please leave a reply^^..

    her is the link^^