• Deka Black

    I can’t stop laughing. The writers really are A) Fans or B) Guys with a very big and funny sense of humour. 😉

    • Alara Moonrunner

      Or C: Both :))

    • Eugene

      Where is PAL? I am very very fanatic of kamen rider black. I’ve already downloaded from Episode 1 to 38 with English Sub but Why it is not finish from Episode 39 to Episode 51. WHERE IS PAL?? why did not continue in making the english sub to Episode 39 to 51. Until what time will wait this for me its my oppurtunity to download that Kamen Rider Black. cause its my favorite until now comparing to the Modern KAMEN RIDER BLACK. I need now from Episode 39 to 51.

      • jeroro black

        guys…where do i download episodes 31 onwards?? pls help..i really like this show

    • Eugene

      Again WHERE IS PAL? why PAL stop the releasing of a free english sub of KAMEN RIDER BLACK. why?? why?? it is good to have an english sub compared to the other languages that we cannot understand many people in the world especially the Filipinos cause I am Filipino searching an english sub for Masked Rider Black(Kamen). I need your response now I’ll wait until Sat July 25, 2009 thanks!!

  • Ins0mNiA

    Watched that anime subbed by Ayako, thanks Pal for recommend such a funny show ^^

  • Deka Black

    Yeah Alara, you’re right! 😛

  • Henshin Man

    wow that’s cool haha.. 😀

  • neo23

    hahaha 😀 lol….
    nice one pal!!

  • zhuzhu8376

    Pal San !!!!!!! At least we know that you are alright. :p

    Just take your time we will be waiting. Take care and hope you find a nice place.

  • dark_moonx1

    Had a laugh on that one… Hehehehehhe… By the way, can someone seed/upload episodes 31-38? Mine got corrupted… 🙁 Thanks…

  • rider

    nice vid! hehe. anyway about the release links, can i suggest to transfer the torrents to other trackers like anirena or nyaatorrents if thats ok.

  • the gloves! the hands tightening! so lol XD

    • Pal

      My hard drive died on me. Hopefully I can find some old files…

    • Akira Takasaki

      What happen to the rest of the episode any chance that they will
      uploaded.. it half a year now

    • Akira Takasaki

      Pal where are you can’t wait for the rest of sub episode please update
      to all our friends out there wodering what happen to you…

  • disdainful

    still not updated site.. (sighs)

  • Andrew

    Man, I thought that after waiting a few years the whole series would be done. Guess not. Funny parody though.

  • robert akisuki

    after so many years tracing metal pal after all rider black were deleted in youtube, afaik know there 50+ episode of rider black is thre a possibility for this to be completed???

  • Triple M

    Thx for all your hard work Pal! Hope to see you in the future! Henshin!

  • Pal’s Fans

    Pal, when u’ll come back ?

  • zhuzhu8376

    Pal San, if you need the DVD raw from episode 39 to 51 in avi format i have it.

  • Pacing the floor

    Could we have an update? Even if’s just an ‘I’m alive’ note?

  • dlmultiply

    any news on pal? when is he coming back?

  • ry

    mati dah kot dia nih

  • zhuzhu8376

    i am doing the reseeding from episode 01-30+ movies.
    Hope Pal-san will be back soon

  • ky

    yep.. i agree.. dah mati kot..

  • zhuzhu8376

    Pal- sama where are you…….

    I got so many leechers to feed :p

  • camilo

    where are you pal?

  • cr4y

    This parody is funny =)
    Anyway Pal are going to sub Daichohen Doraemon(Doraemon Long Stories) again?
    Can you sub number 17th Doraemon: Nobita and Galactic Express? =)
    Thanks a lot Pal


  • Vesperton

    We need an update on Pal. Is he still alive?

    Should we move on and hope for another group to sub (lol fat chance that happening) KRB?

    12 episodes left 🙁 and all I found were Brazilian subbed versions.