Release: Kamen Rider J

 Kamen Rider J

Surprise! Here’s something that Skewed Studios Fansubs (SkewedS) and Century Kings collaborated on for the past couple months. Enjoy!

The alien Fog Mother’s oldest three children fulfilled the praying ceremony before going out to abduct the ideal human, in order to feed that person to the Fog Mother’s newly hatched offspring. When they took Kana, environmentalist reporter Kouji Segawa was killed while he attempted to protect her. However, he was resurrected by the Earth Spirits as Kamen Rider J in order to save Kana while defending planet Earth against the Fog Mother and her children, who sought to destroy all life on it as they had before. –Kamen Rider J, Wikipedia


Kamen Rider J Torrent batches – h264 | XviD
Kamen Rider J CM Sendspace – h264 | XviD
Kamen Rider J Making Sendspace – h264 | XviD
Kamen Rider World Sendspace – h264 | XviD
Kamen Rider J Sendspace – h264 – Part1 : Part2 | XviD – Part1 : Part2

SendSpace Downloaders: use HJSplit to join parts 1 and 2 together.

  • JDOmnislash

    I… am shocked…

    To see you suddenly re-appear was quite the surprise. Thank you for giving us this awesome movie, and more importantly, for staying with us. I’m sure the other fans will agree with me as well. 🙂

  • Yai1 Kamen Rider J! is good to see you again, Pal-sama 😀 And of course, i agree with JDOmnislash, is good see you staying with us.

  • insomnia

    Thanks for coming back!

  • David

    was it suppose to be 8 min rider world movie?

  • Nice! Now I don’t have to rely on that old VHS fansub I have.

  • dark_moonx1

    Great!!! Another addition to my Rider collection… Kamen Rider J!!! Hope next would be ZO… Thanks Pal-sama…

    • sori for the intrusion…
      but u can get ZO from Tv-Nihon

  • KC

    Arrggh…that 8 minutes Kamen Rider World movie was terrible.

    **** spoiler alert ****

    How did Shadow Moon grow into a giant??!!

  • Riderman

    Having no luck with the torrents (almost no seeders), and Sendspace links are down.

    Can you reupload the h264 version?

  • i think “WORLD” link is broken

    • the XviD one

    • JD

      Both parts of the Kamen Rider J (main movie) links are also broken, for the h264 version.

      Thanks =)

  • KickHopper

    Could we get some seeders for the batches? I’m trying on the XviD batch and getting nothing at all, so if anyone can seed, please do.

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  • Afrobatter

    Please reseed or rehost somehwere. There are no seeds and nowhere else to get these files anymore.

  • Mastersydneymon

    As Mr. Afrobatter says, you should re-upload the files in other place, like Fileserve or Filesonic.


  • roseofpain

    Please seed so that I could distribute this to other file sharing sites since every other existing DDL link is dead and there’s no other place to get this. I’m at 98.8%, please seed so that I could distribute this for everyone like it used to be before megaupload got shutdown

    P.S. I’m downloading the xvid link

  • Tenafly Viper

    Found a place where these can all still be direct downloaded (in both h262 and Xvid formats):

    Go here for everything relating to Kamen Rider J (the film, CMs, and making of):

    And here for Kamen Rider World:

    I just tried these last night and they all work just fine for me. Anyone wants to reseed or reupload these elsewhere, have at it.