Release: Kamen Rider Black Episode 37

Kamen Rider Black Episode 37

Kotaro is visiting Yubari for a friend’s wedding, but the smiles are swept away from everyone’s faces as Katsumi is kidnapped by Mole Cricket Mutant. Katsumi, now hypnotized by Golgom, stands in Kotaro’s way with a murderous intent. Will Kotaro be able to defeat Golgom’s mutant and return Katsumi back to her old self?

Download via torrent here or watch it on Veoh.

  • afroza

    Hey, Pal! I’ve been waiting long for this. Thanks Pal! More episodes to come! 😀 yay.

  • JDOmnislash

    And he’s officially back! You’re the best Pal. 😀

  • 😀 Good to see you back again, Pal! You make a truly wonderful job for all Kamen Rider Black fans!

  • Ong Bak Good Humor Ice Cream Man

    Bravo Pal! You’re Back!

  • Greywing

    Great to see you back in the game Pal! Awesome job, as usual. ^_^

  • tokufan

    Thank you really appreciate your work!
    Kamen Rider Black best rider series ever!

  • Nando

    Thanx 4 ur hard work…..

  • Triple M

    I love KR Black and I love Century Kings. Henshin!

  • mattsbl

    thanx a lot pal.. 3 months waiting for this..

  • UntifyHairedOne

    Yay! Another release after 3 months of wait! You rock Pal!

  • insomnia

    Pal thanks for coming back for us!

  • Blacksun

    wow, your back once again, i’ve been waiting so long and i thought you will not come back again im surprise, thx a lot thank you so much, your the best please upload more episodes! you really are number 1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • zhuzhu8376

    Thanks Pal-Sama!!!! As always you didn’t disappoint us , you even surprise us with the releases of J.


    Thank you again! Been waiting for the next! Love the series.

  • gondel

    thank you!!!!!!!!

  • Tapai

    i cant download it..i dont see file in sendspace..and not much like used too..

  • dark_moonx1

    Alright…another new episode… Thanks Pal-sama… You’re the best… More power to C-K…

  • KC

    I purchased a DVD set of Kamen Rider Black, but the Century Kings subs are much better!!

    My favorite quote? “Golgom…unforgivable”.

    Thank you so much for all your hard work :o)

  • KC

    It’d be great if we could all discuss the series so far (upto episode 37). Is there a forum here for that?

  • JDOmnislash

    There used to be a forum, but Pal seems to have taken it down, probably due to spamming, or not enough people posting in it.

  • har

    it’s so sad. i can’t download since episode 33.

    Veoh are not supported in Malaysia. Sendspace somehow until episode 33.

    not even utorrent can help me.

    I hope any of KRB fan help me by upload in Rapidshare. Because this is the most easy to me.


  • japanhero

    episode 38, when will release it? by the way, some of you guys, why are you exerting too much effort in downloading a torrent, Pal is already uploading KRB videos in his veoh account. just go to veoh and watch his KRB videos. that’s easier than downloading torrents.

  • lopi

    pal how much tym is needed in uploading the whole kmen rider black series?

  • japanhero

    is this always happening? we will need to wait of how many months to be able to release the next episode? how long it will take before it was finished? 10 years?

  • KC

    I’m sure that it’s a lot of work to subtitle an episode. Also, he’s doing for free.

    I am thankful that I was introduced to the series through this site.

    I purchased the DVD set and finished watching the series a few months ago.

  • Yeah. He’s doing it for free. I am thankful for his work. Thanks to him i was finally able to watch (and understand) the show

  • Pal

    I’m sorry guys, but a lot of changes are taking place in my life right now so I neither have the time nor am I in the mood to fansub. I’ll be back in full swing soon.

  • Wade

    Hey guys, give Pal a break. We are not exactly paying him to do this. I am as eager as you for an update but we have to appreciate Pal for what he has done for us. Alternatively you can consider purchasing the DVD.

  • Kotaro


  • zhuzhu8376

    Pal-san, we understand everyone got their own up and down, all of us here won’t be blaming you anything.Take good care of yourself

  • Just so you know, in episode 28, there’s a line at 18:58 that wasn’t translated.

  • Are there other seeders for episode 37? My download seems forever. I was able to seed episodes 35 and 36 for a long time.

  • Sorren-en-Ciel

    Yes, please seed epsiodes 35-37, I miss that episodes. Thank you.

  • NuRaider

    Someone please help me. I’m not finished yet downloading this episode.
    Seeded this episodes (episode 37) please..

    Usually after downloading, I alllways seeded it.

    Thanks before..

  • sniperwolf

    YEHEY! THANX a little more and its finish how about n kamern rider black rx d sequal of this mask rider=im looking forward to it its nyc^_^