Release: Kamen Rider Black Episode 36

Kamen Rider Black Episode 36

Shadow Moon has awakened. With the advent of the Century King, the High Priests – Darom, Baraom, and Bishium – have been reborn as Great Mutants. A declaration of war has been issued by Golgom, as the Great Mutants stir chaos in the hearts of human society by wreaking havoc on the city.

Download via torrent here or watch it on Veoh.

  • insomnia

    Thanks for the release pal-sama !!!

  • eWa

    thanks pal-sama for more Black πŸ˜€

  • raikonened

    Finally~, thanks!

  • JDOmnislash


    I’m already seeding it. Think of it as my way of saying thanks for sticking with us buddy. πŸ˜›

  • Kotaro

    thanks pal =P black rider ftw

  • Mechanicsfever

    Yeah, Thankx. I have been for this long.
    Than again!

  • el

    thanks for the episode!!! can i know when u will release the next episode???

  • insomnia

    hey el.. i guess you need to read the rules….

  • Triple M

    This was an outstanding episode of an equally outstanding series. Thanks for all your hard work!!! Black FTW indeed!

  • wade

    Yeah! Finally! And I almost gave up on waiting. Thanks for not giving up on us Pal.

  • ambspock

    Thanks for the upload loving every minute of Black.

  • Sieg29

    Yay for the release! More power Pal-sama!

  • Kotaro

    omg lol eps 36 was just A MA Z ING, ty pal, your awesome.

  • mattsbl

    thank you so much. a really great effort there Pal…HENSHINN!

  • disdainful

    can you upload it to veoh? i’m not using a torrent.. takes a lot of time to finish a download.. thnx..

  • Pal

    The video has been on Veoh for several days now, check it out πŸ˜›

  • YAi! Thanks a lot Pal-sama! πŸ˜‰ Henshin!

  • AbgTendou

    Arigatou Pal-sama~! i always have faith & believe in you~!! πŸ™‚ Keep up your great works~!! Black sun always Rocks!!

  • disdainful

    thnx pal! any progress for the next episode? anyways.. thnx!

  • naim1186

    upload on sendspace plz

  • gondel

    thanks you but i cannot download from torrent or veoh, too bad for me T_T
    hope someone upload it on sendspace.

  • I don’t know your opinion, but… Shadowmoonn is the best KR villain i’ve ever seen!

  • mazinkaiser

    Thanks Pal! Can’t wait to watch it!

  • ky0shiro

    Hi, everybody..

    i wanna ask something..

    how is the total of kamen rider black?

    i mean, how much episodes the total of all? thx..

  • japanhero

    i hope episode 37 is on the way.

  • wade


    If not mistaken, there are 51 episodes. Let’s just hope that Pal will continue to release them.

  • sdf

    Thanks for the release

  • F.I.A

    Sorry for the late thanks, but thanks for the new episode. And yea for Great Mutant Vishmu.

  • Still hopeful

    Pal, r u give up on ur hard work ady?
    I dun like to feel this way n hope i was wrong..Black & Rx 4ever

  • japanhero

    Pal, please don’t stop releasing kamen rider black series. Lots of fans are waiting for the next episode.

  • yes1 Pal, please, don’t stop! You are the only source of Kamen Rider Black to many fana! And i tallk about fans who thanks you for your effort

  • pitbull1

    forget 36 I WANT EPISODE 37!

  • Blacksun

    its almost 3 months, pls upload the next episode pls!!! thx! are u going upload RX also huh?

  • Algo Fonix

    Guys, Pal has a life. Sure it’s been a while since the last episode of Black… but that’s okay. In the time that we’re waiting, we can go on and do other things.

    We have to be patient for any fansub, because, well, being impatient will never help anyone.

  • Blacksun

    yah, i know it, i understand, i just really want it now, im missing it, how i wish that they also upload BLACK RX after BLACK because i dont know the story of RX, when i was a child i only watch BLACK, i dont know RX is also BLACK, and i always believe that BLACK is better than RX, now i know that they are one, and i want to watch RX episode also, thank you all so much for having this fansub, ill always visit here!, wish there is a registration fo members.

  • im afroza

    Wow! We want episode 37! heheh πŸ˜€ but we will wait. : )

  • Blacksun

    ahm, dont you have exact date for the next episode?

  • tweety

    thanks for more kamen rider black. i absolutely love this series!

  • Blacksun

    again, more episodes, i rily love it!!!!

  • afroza

    more episodes pls… πŸ˜€

  • darkvash

    I know you’ve got your own life and all Pal, but you’re really the only source of Kamen Rider Black for many of us. Especially me. Hope we see you soon, and don’t stop now. With Shadow Moon’s appearance, we’re so close to the end!

  • Blacksun

    go for it pal never give up! ur d best!!! im from philippines and im counting on u mr pal!!! go for it,!!!

  • Raida|23

    Mmh…the “GIMMEGIMMEGIMME” attitude never dies. Good job people, really.

  • zhuzhu8376


    Thanks for the releases as always and also pleases continue with all the good work of Black .

  • KC

    Please don’t post spoilers about Kamen Rider Black RX. I haven’t see any of it yet.

    Sad to see Birugenia die : he was a good enemy for Kamen Rider.

    About episode 37 : I wished that the three High Priests stayed as they were. They looked better than they do now in their mutated forms. I love Bishium’s eye lasers!

    It’s strange that a kids show from 1987 would have so much appeal to all us adults some 20 years later! It’s a great show :o)

  • Robert A.

    thank you pal-san for the episode…what we’ll do without ya pal!…BLACK & RX ROCKS!!!…

  • luminatuz

    mga kaibigan meron ba kayo full episode

    ng palabas na ito…. kung meron man paki post lahat ng

    links na meron kayo please…..

  • i miss that. πŸ™‚

  • qamibios

    tq pals!! but, could you please upload it to megaupload. my country had beeb block from veoh and my laptop hve problem with downloading using torrent!! please….