• Algo Fonix

    Heck yeah! It’s great to hear you again, and news of more KR Black, and Doraemon is just extra. Glad to hear you’re still kickin some ass, haha.

  • itong


  • Great you are here again Pal-sama šŸ˜€ And, one more time, thanks for sharing with us this wonderful series!

  • Ehmar

    Amazing – that is great news bro!!!

  • JDOmnislash

    Pal is alive!!!!!

    Haha, this is great news indeed. I’m just glad you’re alright. So, did you ever get your stuff back from the airport, or did you have to start from scratch again?

  • Pal

    Nope, never got my stuff back. Luckily I had a lot of files backed up, but I lost about 8 episodes of KRB. I’ll have to get 37+ soon. šŸ™

  • Sieg29

    Yay! Looking forward to your next release Pal-sama šŸ˜€

    Long Live Kamen Rider Black!

  • Sorry for the loss of yor stuff, and believe me, here in Spain, is much worse than your imagine. The jokes about airports and loss of stuff are VERY common.

  • raikonened

    Hooray! Pal-sama is back!!!

  • Mazinkaiser

    Oh goody! So the French didn’t get to ya!
    Brooklyn!!! WORD!

  • cool jojo

    thank God krb ep 36 is on the way! i can’t wait to watch it! good luck and may you be able to finish the series as soon as possible metalpal.. thank you for reminding us about krb… šŸ™‚

  • Kotaro

    (in tears at the moment) don’t know what to say. There were rumors that there was licensing issues and that pal-sama you gave up on century king and all. Glad that it’s not true. But scared us all for awhile there. Welcome home.

  • MechaniccsFever

    Great! I’m looking forward to see the new episode. KR Black is my most favorite oldies KR series. Cheer.

  • japanhero

    i’m glad that your back. i will wait kamen rider black 36. many fans have been waiting for how many months. i hope it will not happened again

  • kerus

    yeaaaa! i tought u gonna ends this project! šŸ™‚ THANK YOU

  • Takusto

    hey, I would like to help making or checking subtitles of Doraemon series with my Jap-Eng translation skill. Just email me if you are interested. I will answer with my real email. Thanks.

  • ginge_ranger


    If Pal is unable to take you up on your offer I certainly will. My address is [email protected]

  • robert akizuki

    everyone lets do our share and help pal wish u all the best will be waiting for the remaining episodes kamen rider black (masked rider black is very popular here in the philippines so u have many fans here thank for relieving the great days we have because of kamen rider black by the way kotaro minami is known here as robert akizuki and nubuhiko is known as stephen thanks

  • japanhero

    can you tell me when the exact date of releasing kamen rider black 36?

  • insomnia

    japanhero… this is fansub… no profit for this… so do not ask PAL to make it faster… or begging for the release date.

  • zhuzhu8376

    Can someone please reseed Kamen Rider Black #35 … I had been waiting for the past 3 days …. still unable to finish the download.Thanks

  • zhuzhu8376

    Thanks two kind soul from US and Brazil who are seeding

  • brianhluk

    zhuzhu8376 – am seeding too, although had to download the torrent file from another site, as the one linked from the main page seems broken….as does the forum link….

  • giang

    thank you very much, I like doraemon the most.

  • makubex

    huhu I hope u’ll continue with Kamen Rider Black series till the end, I’m downloading the series now, hope it’ll complete soon… Just bring back memories since I wasn’t able to watch the final episode when its on tv while I was a child. Keep it up! Black is the true, pure and the greatest rider ever! henshin!

  • dj

    doraemon please šŸ™

  • Kid

    Hi there! Thank you for subbing Nobita and the Robot Army. Seriously, yours is the first well done sub that I’ve found. I don’t suppose you’ve released subs for Demon World?

    Either way, thank you thank you thank you!

    • Pal

      I haven’t! I really should release it soon, I’ve forgotten all about it. Thanks for the reminder (and support)!