2008: Kamen Rider Kiba

Kamen Rider Kiba

Here’s the first image of Kamen Rider Kiba (or Kamen Rider Fang), and it looks pretty awesome! As I mentioned before, Kiba reminds me of Hibiki in a couple ways, like his hands and use of animals/monsters. He also looks inspired by Dark Kabuto as well; looks quite cool in my eyes, love the blood red/black/silver combination. He better have an awesome bike!

Not confirmed, but he may be a monster hunter. Wouldn’t be a bad marketing idea considering that Monster Hunter is such a popular game series in Japan. Gotta catch ’em all!

A couple more concept shots at this site as well, double typhoon belt!

[Via Danny Choo]

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  • looks good, and yes, better he has a very good bike. But is weird to me he has yellow eyes 0_0

  • Karakuka

    Well, didn’t we have Faiz for yellow eyed-riders? And Faiz kicked big time.

    Does anybody see it that Kiba seems to have the qualities of many Toku characters: forehead design of KR Knight, eye color of Faiz, face design similar to Dekamaster, head shape much like Ryuki… ah, this guy’s must be one hell of a Rider! Wonder if they would do him like Spawn…

  • uuups! You’re right Karakuka, i forgot Faiz, sorry!

  • NewtypeS3

    I, for one, anxiously await this show. Especially considering Kiba himself seems heavily inspired by the recent Castlevania games…

  • black sun

    Type your comment here. it ok his look ok but it look wired

  • Kamen Rider Mantis

    Is it also like Pokemon? Where in you hunt monsters and you fight using them?! THEN ITS 3 THUMBS UP! XD I LOVE THE IDEA! I just hope they don’t rely too much on the monsters and forget that Kamen Riders fight using martial arts as well. 😉

  • Kamen Rider Mantis

    Please make it inclined to young adults like me, I get disappointed if its too kiddie (Like Den-O). Although I love Kamen Rider Kabuto and Hibiki coz I can definitely relate. I just hope they don’t shorten the project… XD

  • Kamen Rider Heat

    looks like a vampire.
    im guessing its a vampire O..o~

  • Karakuka

    Seriously, HE IS A VAMPIRE, and this is his basic Vampire Form, it seems. With the other pictures coming out, he also has other forms like Werewolf Form (colored blue) and Gillman Form (colored green). I just hope new forms don’t come out so often as Kuuga.

  • gondel

    cool. i like it

  • 、ハイパー暗い、クライマックスKiba


  • 、ハイパー暗い、クライマックスKiba


  • jime

    like the new kamen rider, it looks kinda cool. does he has other forms like other kamen riders? can’t wait to see him in action and hope it series is as cool as its appearance (“,)

  • RyoRanger

    Sorry, but you have made an Mistake with the Name.
    The offizial Name is Kiva, not Kiba.

  • wade

    Pal, my friend. I think it’s about time for a new update?

  • Kiva

    Is century kings dieing? 🙁

  • I hope no!

  • pal

    Not dead 😛

    I’ve just been traveling a lot, I’m in a hotel right now. Should settle down soon…

  • Kiva

    Ok, nice to hear again from you 😉

  • jay

    u all are doing a good job but u are taking ur sweet ass time subing kamen rider black. another site i use to see kamen rider shows is doing moltipole shows and have put out faster than u guys. what is up?

    i am looking for word to seeing more black and hopfuly black rx

    keep up the slow work

  • Kamen Rider Inferno

    yep…it,s like spawn inded, from the first look…the shape of the eyes…like a moth eyes…a night big giant butterfly who was a soul of a dead person in japanese mistical story, but sure..it was a dark heroes type kamen rider such Hibiki…i’m sure was Oni type for his enemy….

  • Kamen Rider Inferno

    The red blood colored body…chains..and make sure to add rusted red syal in his neck…then spawn was reborn again with new cool looks….” kamen rider spawn??? ” he he he but Faiz is the best after kamen rider Ichigo-Nigo and Black… Henshin…..Rider Kick!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • reza

    its owsem its like a fampire i like it

  • wade


    You may be right that it’s kinda slow lately, but remember that you have no right to be so rude. Mind your manners, and remember that he is not getting paid for this.

  • That’s tue wade. Pal-sama is being very kind for sharing with us Black!

  • Kotaro

    no update on kamen rider black yet pal?

  • Matthew Simpson

    This looks like it should be good. The costume looks a bit bulky though, unless he has a cast off system of some sorts.

    Loving the mask too!

  • raikonened

    Just watch the first episode, the CG is excellent, and I can’t wait for the next episode. However, what I watch is in Chinese subtitle, although I understand it, but I wish to collect them in english. Hope Pal sama can sub it for us, lol. By the way, it has been long time pal sama didn’t update the website, still travelling around the Europe? Hope can see the update soon. Cheers!

  • Kotaro

    pal-sama is black going to come out?

  • Pal-sama? Where are you?

  • itong

    where are you pal-san? guoodluck on what
    ever your doing right now…

  • kotaro

    Sigh… I guess it’s time to say goodbye to century kings. What a pity…

  • birugenia

    is it really over?

  • Psychotic EwA

    I saw Pal-sama helping out skewedstudios fansub doing Hyakujuu Sentai Gaoranger. Maybe thats why he havn’t update the site yet?

  • Could be, could be.

  • Willennium Devil

    This is just Awesome. Kiba has a dark aura that looks so cool. I think this rider has a combination from so much previous riders like, Faiz, Hibiki, Agito, Ryuki, Kabuto and Blade.

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    Finding your websight was like finding a needle in a haystack.

  • shika_nara

    hehe…actually it’s “Kiva”….I’ve done eps 36 of this tokusatsu series till now…..