Kamen Rider Pal

Kamen Rider Pal

There I am, around age 4 or 5. Kamen Rider Black RX was out at this time, I believe. Am I the coolest or what?

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  • mazinkaiser

    Aw how cute. Judging from the photo, you’re half-Japanese or something right?
    Maybe I think that cause of that little tidbit about your father owning a metal working shop.

    Cool, a Snoopy shirt. I remember owning a shirt like that.

  • Pal

    Indeed, I’m half Japanese. The other half is Scandinavian/Scotch Irish/Norwegian.

    My dad was a machinist years ago, but the “metal” in “metalpal” comes from me liking heavy metal music 😛

  • Aaaw! how adorable! When i was little i owned a shirt from Hulk ^^

  • zeldAIS

    wow – i should find my henshin posed pictures (but prolly mostly sentai =P) also when i was kid and scan them XD will up and post them when i find them =3

  • boy

    Heheh, u must have thought u r the coolest & strongest at that time. it was during early 90’s rite? i used to pose a lot with my kamen rider & gavan mask on n a sword (which emits light). wonder where have all the photos gone