Kamen Rider 2008 unveiling soon

Kamen Rider 2008

A full unveiling is coming real soon, but here’s the annual New Kamen Rider silhouettes. The horror elements mentioned in the previous rumor report are intact, which I’m excited for. Perhaps we’ll see creepier monsters and creative night time fight sequences!

The suit looks pretty cool to me, a lot better than the initial shots (though it might be a blank form). Looks better than Den-O; looks like an evolved Hibiki suit. More details coming soon, so keep on the lookout!

Kamen Rider 2008

[Via Igadevil and Otakuism]

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  • mystic

    Hmmm… i think black is the coolest.. :p

  • Is scary…

  • JDOmnislash

    Very nice! If they really do incorporate horror into the series, it could really make it something special. Garo is my favorite show of all time, and easily one of the darkest Toku’s out there. I’m hoping this may go in a similar direction (I know it won’t be as violent obviously), but scary elements themselves can be just as good.

  • Pal

    That would indeed be cool if it had a Garo feel! I wonder if Kamen Rider will take the midnight slots like Garo and UltraSeven X someday to explore more mature themes….hmm!

  • gitarooman

    i just hope the motorcycles make a come come back next year. they haven’t had a real presence on the show since blade. they need to put the “rider” back in kamen rider. and please no buses or planes controlled by a motorcycle. it’s so cheesy in den-o. but i also hope they take a more serious direction next year as well.

  • Pal

    Good point, Gitarooman. I’d love to see more bike action with some real explosions for a change as well.

    While it’s cool to have fight scenes in cities, it’s also nice to see them “teleport” to a safer location for some amazing pyrotechnics 🙂

  • Mazinkaiser

    Reminds me of Batman!! (cue theme song)
    As long as some rugged looking guy plays him, I’m cool wit dat.


    I hope no more gadgets. No more too much Riders. Cool motorcycle is a must !!


    C’mon Toei…let’s make cool rider just like black..

  • Yeah! Motorcycle MUST back to Kamen Rider!

  • David

    we need another KBR style series

  • udezonan

    for me it got some Spawn feel in it
    but it’s cool.Hope it will have a good story line

  • NewtypeS3

    It’d be great to see a ‘Rider Whip,’ considering the Castlevania vibe I’m getting from that first pic…