Hyper Hobby December 2007 Issue

Hyper Hobby Dec 2007

New issue of Hyper Hobby available at Hobby Link Japan, has some new information on the upcoming Rider Mask Collection Vol. 4, due January 2008. The masks included seem to be: Xaiza, Gai, G3, Agito, ZX, Skyrider, Amazon,V3 THE NEXT, Den-O Gun Form, Den-O Axe Form,Den-O Rod Form, Den-O Sword Form, Punch Hopper, Kick Hopper. V3 is getting the Souchaku Henshin treatment as well, and the cover reveals new Soul of Soft Vinyl figures for 555 and Charge Up Stronger.

And hey, that’s Kamen Rider Black breaking through the window in the opening video with his Battle Hopper (in the bottom right corner)! From the text it looks like it’s 1 of 4 special edition Rider Chips R trading cards included with the magazine.

And below you can see the adorable Imagin costumes for dogs!

Imagin Dogs
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  • Raida|23

    There’s also the 2008 calendar featuring Ishinomori’s illustrations.

    I have also a question…are you gonna sub also the special of KR Black, the one aired one week before the series? Coz it would be nice…anyway, great work u’re doing, keep it up^__^

  • Pal

    The calendar is probably a poster with every month on it, but pretty cool. I wonder what it looks like…

    Yeah, I’ve been thinking about the lately, zeldAIS asked me about that once too 😛 Ep 36 is almost done so I guess I’ll look into the special soon.

  • Raida|23

    Good to hear this ^__^

    I dont think u need it, anyway a good RAW for it has been uploaded by Momo at HJU.

    Yep, i was thinkin to buy this hyper hobby n°…matter is, i dont have other stuff to buy right now, and makin an order just for it seems stupid to me…bah:-

  • Pal

    Yep, I have the episode on DVD, so no need for the RAW, but thanks 🙂

    I also like to order a few things when I get things from HLJ too, since it does come all the way from Japan. I should post what I got recently soon!