Girls in Uniform ~ Masked Rider Edition ~

Girls in Uniform ~ Masked Rider Edition ~

Girls in Uniform is a pretty new figure series that’s sold in most convenience stores in Japan. The concept is to take the most beloved tokusatsu girls and make them into anime-style collectible figures. This is the first Kamen Rider themed release, with several out already on the Super Sentai front.

Girls in Uniform ~ Masked Rider Edition ~

For the debut Bandai chose to release 6 + 1 secret figures. You don’t know what’s in the box until you open it, so the “+ 1” is a secret figure that’s not revealed on the box. The characters chosen are: Ozawa Sumiko (Agito), Kirishima Miho (Ryuki), Smart Lady (555), Amami Akira (Hibiki), Hana (Den-O), Naomi (Den-O), and the secret figure is Smart Lady in the mourning outfit from episode 5. Hana and Naomi below, looks nice huh? View more pictures at Charab Life: Part 1 | Part 2

Den-O Girls
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    I’ve seen those somewhere before, and i really wanna buy some of them…very nice^__^

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    A week ago, I was scanning about the same matter but couldn’t genuinely find it out. Kudos for this one.