Tokusatsu Graveyard

Found this ever-so-depressing page yesterday that chronicled the writer’s trip to the the Toho tokusatsu studios backlots. This page was made in November 2001, and noted that the pictures were taken over a decade before that (1988 or 1989). Translated below:

Over a decade ago, while Kamen Rider Black RX was on the air, I visited the Toho tokusatsu studio. All obsolete vehicles from past shows were carelessly placed outside the studios. (They were literally carelessly dumped there.)

I just found the photos I took so I’ll post them for all the tokusatsu fans out there.

The first photo is the outdoor parking lot.

Tokusatsu Graveyard

The buggy with the word “MASKMAN” on it is the “Spin Cruiser” from Hikari Sentai Maskman. To the left is the “Live Cougar” from Choujuu Sentai Liveman. Perhaps exposed to too much rain and wind, they were in pretty bad shape. The Spin Cruiser’s bumper was bent and looked like it was about to fall off. I’m sure a fan would scream “what a waste!” if they saw this.

The second photo is to the side of the storage building.

Tokusatsu Graveyard

The yellow bike is the “Moto Lion” that Yellow Lion rode in Liveman. I’m not sure what the red one in the back is. Red Falcon’s “Moto Falcon”? (If you know, please tell me.) The pink one in the back is most likely a “Mask Roader” from Maskman. They just left these between storage buildings like pieces of scrap.

The third photo is of a special bike.

Tokusatsu Graveyard

The green bike in the front is “Battle Hopper” from Kamen Rider Black. This was still in good condition. The pink and yellow vehicles behind it are the “Flash Hawk” bikes from Choushinsei Flashman.

Finally, the most impacting photo was taken in the corner of the parking lot.

Tokusatsu Graveyard

There I found the trashed “Ginkron” from Brothers Fist Bricrosser, a very minor tokusatsu show. In the show Bicrosser Ken would lift the bike onto his shoulder while Bicrosser Gin was riding it and used the bike as a cannon [note: observe this oddity here]. I wanted to see how heavy the bike was but it was covered in rust so I didn’t attempt to lift it. The one I can’t figure out is the colorful one in the corner. It might be the colorful vehicle from Himitsu Sentai Goranger, the “Barikikyuun”. The Barikikyuun is the only air balloon machine in all of sentai history. With all their supposed technology in the show they somehow make a low-tech air balloon. Basically it’s a stupid machine. I can’t believe these still exist…

Most likely the Toho tokusatsu studio has treasures like these still carelessly thrown away like this. Definitely a place to visit if you’re a tokusatsu fan.

[Original site in Japanese]

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  • insomnia

    Eventhough I do not have motorcycle license(yeah riding license but I have driving license) BUT… I still want that Battle Hopper so bad!!!

    • That’s just SO freakin’ sad. Seeing BattleHopper and the Spin Cruiser thrown away like that. I would buy them both. Still, maybe they should have been placed in a museum.

  • Pal

    I would get a motorcycle license just for Battle Hopper πŸ˜› It looks like he’s missing the engine though, probably took it out to use on another bike.

    • Totally agree with you Pal. By the way, many many thanks for your awesome translations and uploads of our favorite legendary hero. Hontou ni. I hope that someday you’ll think of uploading RX too.

  • My … BattleHopper thrown away like… , so sad…

  • mazinkaiser

    Aw man, don’t these film companies believe in recycling?

  • insomnia

    I do wonder why they don’t just put it in auction? Like 1 brand name SHIBUYA(yeah its clothes shop name) they do sell those clothes that star wore before and duplicate them πŸ˜›
    Anyway it is better in possession of a FAN rather than in dumping site… do you agree?

  • Sieg29

    It wouldve been better if they either built a museum for these treasures or put them in auction so that toku fans can keep them and take care of it. Either way, they can earn money out of it.

  • pal

    Yeah, an auction would be a great idea. I wonder if the situation has gotten any better…if not we need to make a petition πŸ˜›

  • NewtypeS3

    Honestly, it’s kinda sad that this is what happens to those machines. I’d pay good cash for that BattleHopper too, even if I don’t have a motorcycle license. I’d get one just to drive that sucker around, really.
    I have to second the auction idea, if only because it’s such a shame to see these things go to rot in the proverbial backyard.

  • insomnia

    Pal, english are not my first language. So how do we make a petition?

  • Pal

    My thoughts exactly, NewtypeS3.

    About petitioning, the thing is I don’t know if they still keep things outside like this anymore so I’m not sure it’s necessary. However, you can start petitions at:

  • gil

    I would love to buy battle hopper!! God I hate the people responsible for this!

    • Yes, it’s UNFORGIVABLE! I wonder if Kurata-san knew about this.

  • Yeerdhathan

    I donΒ΄t belive this, is simply horrible

  • KC

    Oh, man…that’s Battle Hopper! What a waste…

    Hmm…I wonder if they have Jet Striker from Jetman??

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  • XavRiLLe

    Oh man. i want to adopt that spin cruiser. Red mask was my childhood hero with his Spin Cruiser ride.. Damn.. i want that one so baddd!!

  • I WANT to buy the Spin Cruiser and BattleHopper.

  • blacksunforever

    oh my goodness..i can spend thousands of $s for Battle Hopper..i’ve been searching for this motorcycle for so long..i want it so bad..

  • Muzae

    the legendary battle hopper… dumped like this? how sad..

  • Muzae

    about The second photo is to the side of the storage build, near the the moto lion.. it is actually the Jikuu Senshi Spilevan’s bike..