Shock your party guests with Shocker wine

Shocker Wine

Spice up your next party by recreating the Shocker Members Party scene from the original Kamen Rider (episodes 39 and 40) amongst your partners in crime! This is the second limited production run of 150 sets, actually; after the successful sellout of the first batch it’s back by popular demand. This fancy wine set includes: two bottles of wine (for the Japanese and Swiss branch), two wine glasses with Shocker logo laser-etched, an invitation to the Shocker Members Party, and a commemorative box that neatly houses everything. The invitation reads:


An announcement to all Shocker Members around the globe

We, the secret organization Shocker, will commence Operation Wolf and dominate the world. We will be holding a Shocker Party at the Japan Headquarters. Our objective of this party is to defeat the traitor Kamen Rider. We look forward to your attendance.

Shocker Japan Headquarters, Colonel Zol

Shocker Wine (Japan)Shocker Wine (Switzerland)

Shocker Wine SetShocker Invitation

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[Via LaLaBit]

  • Ooh! I don’t drink wine, but that’s pretty sweet. ^.^

  • pal

    Yeah, I’d love to have this set 😛 The glasses are pretty awesome, and I’m no wine drinker, but this is just too cool. Iii!

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