Rumor Alert: Is this the new Kamen Rider for 2008?

Kamen Rider 2008

Could this be the new Kamen Rider for 2008?

Rumored names for the show:

  • Kamen Rider Haruka (Beyond)
  • Kamen Rider DAI
  • Kamen Rider Blood

Rumored motif: monsters

Rumored forms: Dracula (air), Werewolf (land), and Fishman (water)

Rumored transformation device: a touchscreen/pen system, similar to the Nintendo DS. Monsters/forms can be chosen by selecting the corresponding “Avatar” on the touchscreen.

Rumored actors: Tokuyama Hidenori (Yaguruma in Kabuto, TheBee/Kick Hopper; not main character)

[Via 2008 Kamen Rider Net]

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  • Pal

    These prototypes always look pretty weird, but hopefully it’ll shape up. I really wish that they stick to henshin belts and ditch the “devices” (phones, cards, passes, touch screens, etc.).

    That wouldn’t be very profitable though 😛

  • zhuzhu8376

    Well nowadays they can’t stick to henshin belt only…. more devices means more profitable

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