Release: Kamen Rider Black Episode 35

Shadow Moon

Kyoko carries the wounded Kotaro to safety from the wretched Birugenia. Birugenia, in search of Kotaro, wrecks havoc on the city to lure Kotaro out. Meanwhile, the High Priests are now nearing death, and are greeted to their new master – Shadow Moon!

Kamen Rider Episode 35 thumbnails (possible spoilers)

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  • Mazinkaiser

    Woot! First comment.
    That WAS FREAKING QUICK! I still haven’t caught my breath from the last one!

  • gondel

    hey why i cannot download from sendspace. it always “Sorry, the free service is at full capacity”. help me

  • rowmean

    AT LAST Shadow Moon awakened.. Arigato Pal-sama!

  • Pal

    Hey gondel: This just means that a lot of people are downloading at the same time. Try to download later, or try the torrent!

  • gondel

    hehehe. sorry pal. right now im downloading from sendspace. try it for several times. thanks!!!

  • Sieg29

    Weeee! Yet another quick release! Thank you so much Pal!

  • YEAH! Shadow Moon arise! Now Kotaro is in REAL trouble!

    Thanks pal-sama! At last iwill be able to see in action one of the toughest villains in tokusatsu history!

  • insomnia

    Really waiting for this.. Thanks Pal !

  • zeldAIS

    Kamen Rider Ghost-dono – i have to agree with you. ShadowMoon is prolly my ever fave and most badass villain in the tokusatsu genre in my book.

  • nahar

    Pal, so many time i try to download episode 33 and 35… still cannot either sendspace or torrent not like before smooth.

  • Pal

    Wait a little Nahar, I’ll put it on MegaUpload for ya.

  • nahar

    Thanks Pal.

  • Pal

    Hey Nahar, I tried numerous times to upload the file but my connection isn’t so reliable so it keeps disconnecting. I’m sorry, but please try the download links again at a later time 🙂

  • Ralf Foliente

    When is the Kamen Rider Black Episode 36 will be available in Veoh?

    Please hurry up on making this episode because it had been so long
    that I almost never watched this show yet.

    I really can’t wait to watch this, so
    please HURRY UP!

  • zeldAIS

    omg ~_~ Ralf again?! takku…

    read this darnit –