Oops – Project BM! “coupon” is not really a coupon

Kabuto Coupon

I misread, and it turns out that you don’t get a “free figure coupon” when buying a Project BM! figure, but a ticket to reserve special figures that won’t be sold in stores. For instance, if you buy the Kamen Rider Kabuto figure and register yourself with the included ticket by the end of November 2007, you’ll get the opportunity to buy Dark Kabuto (18,690 yen; $162) and Tendo Souji ($13,440; $116) that will be unavailable to those who didn’t buy Kabuto (or those who didn’t use/sold the ticket). You know what they say: if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

  • Mazinkaiser666

    What?! It’s not a coupon? That sucks. Another 120 down the drain for another figure.

  • Mazinkaiser666

    Help, Pal! For some reason I can’t post on the forum!

  • Yeah, that’s pretty common for Medicom.

  • pal

    You’re right, the forum is weird…I’ll see what I can do, strange!