NG Kamen Rider Black suit

Kamen Rider Black NG Suit

NG, or No Good, is a term that Japan uses for outtakes and other non-usable footage/idea/item. Kamen Rider Black didn’t always look the way he does now, as you can see above. This suit was actually used for live shows at the Tokyo Toy Show (for how long is a mystery). Our hero dons a super-shiny suit reminiscent of newer Riders like Kabuto and Den-O, silver joints instead of the organic brown veins, and a yellow circle around his neck. This look wouldn’t have fit the role very well (looks a little too pretty), but it’s a pretty modern look for the late 80s – look at that gloss!

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  • Sieg29

    I think this suit is better. It just meets the requirements of Black being a cyborg. In my opinion, the leather KRB suit was used most of the time because of the stunts.

  • Pal

    I loved the leather, didn’t care for the cloth suit worn for the action scenes. The shininess is definitely way before its time, very modern. I’m sure it would have been tough to keep clean and new looking since they didn’t use as many computer generated explosions back then.

  • Mazinkaiser

    It’s kind of purdy. Maybe if Nobuhiko got away instead of Kotaro, this would be the result.

  • Pal

    That’s an interesting idea, Mazinkaizer: “What if Nobuhiko got away instead of Kotaro?”

    Never thought about that. Sure would make an interesting comic/fanfic.

    What if, what if…

  • daiyongo

    The veiny hamburger-looking bits of Black’s costume were always my least favorite element of the design. Not to say it’s bad but if I were going to cut something that would be it.

    Honestly if it weren’t for that yellow circle on his neck I’d be fine with this.

  • Osmar

    Looks like a toy…
    a Gi-joe

    I like the original

  • kamenridernight

    i like the one that they used in the movie its shiny and looks like a real cyborg…i would go for pure black with the veins not silver