New site design, plans

New design, back to a white-based design like yesteryear (for those who’ve stuck around). A little easier to read I hope, I like it. The site now supports Gravatars so we don’t all look the same in the comments section. 🙂

I’m also going to start posting Kamen Rider news that I come across.

Click me!I also thought to mention that this site does have an RSS feed, so go ahead and subscribe! I noticed that there are several hundred visits per day yet only 11 people have subscribed to the feed. For those not familiar with feeds, it’s free and very convenient: get a reader (Google Reader is very nice, or here’s a list of readers) and click on “ Subscribe to Century Kings via RSS” and you’re set! I do this for all my favorite sites and check Google Reader once a day and see if any website updated. Very handy, saves me lots of time.

Also, I put this in a few days ago, but try clicking on the “Share This” button below this post – it’s pretty cool!

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  • Hmmm Good, good. Easy toread, what is important 😉

  • Pal

    Try hovering over the default avatar…it’s super cool! 😛