Minami Kotaro’s jacket worn on RX sold on Yahoo! Auctions

Minami Kotaro’s jacket

I was looking for jackets that resembled Minami Kotaro’s in Kamen Rider Black when I stumbled upon an expired item on Yahoo! Auctions Japan. For sale was a genuine, screen-worn jacket that you see above, worn by Tetsuo Kurata himself on Kamen Rider Black RX!

The auction took place on 7/29/07 and ended on 8/5/07. Disappointingly the photo that was attached in the auction details have disappeared, but you can see that the auction started at 120,000 yen (just over $1000), had 8 total bids and ended costing the buyer 141,000 yen ($1230). Looking at the bidding history reveals that the item was barely won, as the last bid was 140,000 yen – a 1,000 yen difference, roughly $9 – ouch!

Original auction item page

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  • Mazinkaiser

    Oh snaps! His actual jacket!
    I wonder if he didn’t wash it like a certain character on Taxi.

  • cthihihi

    Hurricanger Yellow Jacket
    not quite the same, but..

  • Pal

    Pretty cool 🙂 I remember seeing a replica ZECT jacket on Toei Hero Net, pretty cool stuff.

  • Hmmm The thing i really want is a replica of the Satan Saber. Is cool!

  • drawforjoy

    Worn clothes can be fashionable

  • Eij

    I a gree! worn clothes can be fashionable