Kurata Tetsuo opens official website

Kurata Tetsuo Official Website

Kurata Tetsuo, the star of Kamen Rider Black who played Minami Kotaro, has recently celebrated his 20th anniversary in breaking into the entertainment industry. After completing Black and RX (which is still the only Kamen Rider sequel in history), he continued to work in television and film, concentrating on drama and period dramas (or jidaigeki).

After all these years Kurata now has his own official website, which came online on 9/1/07. You can join his fan club (6,500 yen a year, roughly $56) and receive exclusive goodies listed below:

What you get when you join:

  • Membership card
  • Access to members-only website content
  • Members-only magazine
  • Membership anniversary 2008 calendar (limited to first 300)
  • Birthday card with Kurata Tetsuo’s autograph

Members-only website includes:

  • News and rare information on Kurata Tetsuo
  • Video messages from Kurata Tetsuo
  • Kurata Tetsuo’s online journal that includes secret information about Kamen Rider Black
  • Downloadable content such as wallpapers
  • Exclusive goods only purchasable by members

The site embraces his Kamen Rider Black roots, which I think is great. The remade red Golgom symbol is pretty awesome, which Kurata himself designed for this website. The design is also available as a shirt (in the Goods section). I’ve read on an unofficial fansite before on how fans should skip Kamen Rider altogether and rent his other works, which I thought was idiotic and ignorant, considering that was his groundbreaking role. You can even see the masked hero proudly represented in the Gallery section!

Visit the Official Kurata Tetsuo Website

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  • Mazinkaiser

    Oo 2008 calendar? Swimsuit maybe. I hope not.

  • Pal

    Haha, hopefully not a swimsuit calendar 😛

  • dreamzy ian

    i can’t view his website anymore… =( it says that there’s an error in the webpage or something…) tried to refresh and this appeared: the website requires you to log in.. waahh… please what shall I do? I really want to become a member.. hehehe! 😉

  • pal

    Yes, noticed this several weeks back, the website suddenly disappeared. It seems that the website lost its URL address, since it now belongs in:


  • gil

    I can’t explore the official website of Tetsuo… Sadly most of the words there are question marks, is there any Tetsuo website of him that I can access the gallery and hopefully it is in english version?

    • sara arkly


    • sara arkly

      Gente! no japão, nesse momento, já é 11/09/10, é o ANIVERSÁRIO do nosso querido TETSUO KURATA. Nao sei se algum dia ele vai ver isso, mas quero deixar registrado aqui a minha mensagem: tetsu onni-chan, omedetou gozaimashita!Aishiteru!!! happy-birthday to you!watashi wa tottemo suki dessu!!!

  • Triple M

    I read on wiki I think that Tetsuo Karada had opened up his own steak restaurant or something similar in Japan. I have a few friends who are going to Japan next week and I keep bothering them to go when they get there. If anyone else has heard of this or has a link to some more concrete information I would like to hear from you. Looking forward to more Black!

    • rhema

      i’m a kamen rider too like as tetsuo kurata

  • Triple M

    I read on wiki I think that Tetsuo Kurata had opened up his own steak restaurant or something similar in Japan. I have a few friends who are going to Japan next week and I keep bothering them to go when they get there. If anyone else has heard of this or has a link to some more concrete information I would like to hear from you. Looking forward to more Black!

  • gil

    Damn i wish I can go to japan and meet tetsuo personally….*sigh*
    He’s my childhood hero and it will be great if I can visit his steak house somewhere in Tokyo heheh!

  • Triple M

    Dude what could possibly be better than having Kamen Rider Black himself serve you a STEAK? I can’t think of anything….except maybe getting Bishium’s phone number. She’s fine

  • Emma

    Hi there, I just accidentally get into this site and I’m very happy coz I’m one of Tetsuo’s fan.

    I knew that he opened a steak house in Tokyo called “Billy the Kid” on Feb 9. I was in Tokyo mid April and I did visit his steak house!!!! I was super lucky that I met him there!!!

    My heart almost stopped at that moment coz he’s serving me with my sister and friend!!!! He told us that he’s not always there and he still have some tv drama shooting.

    If anyone want to know how to get to the shop and how that shop looks like, please email me and I can show you the direction coz his steak house is not in the city area.

    My email is [email protected]

    More information about that steak house: This steak house actually is operating with his family, so I saw his Mom that night too!! They are all very generious people.”?????????????”Fan as me was super happy and we did take pictures, talk, and hand shake!


    • teddy’s girl

      yes my sweeet Tetsuo Kurata, gosh he’s soooo handsome, i even dream of him as my future husband when i was a little girl, now i am 22 years old i’m still fall in love with him. May i ask, is he a nice and humble guy when you met him?

    • MIKI 11

      so cool… if i meet him maybe i can allow God to get me! maybe i can eat at his resto someday

    • MIKI 11

      please give me the address

  • gil

    That’s cool! Do you have the latest picture of him on his website? And his steak restaurant? 🙂 I would love to see that!

  • Emma

    yes, there is one photo on his offical homepage with him in his steak house. also, i took picture with him there too =D

    That picture is my wallpaper on my desktop, laptop, eeePC, cell phone, and computer in my office~~!!!

    • MIKI 11

      emma please tell me the address of his resto my email add [email protected]…please tnx!

  • sufi

    is tetsuo is married? i want to hi family background.

  • sufi

    is tetsuo married? i want to know his family background. please tell me.

  • Emma

    I wanna know too and I did post a question on Yahoo! Japan. Someone there said he’s not married yet.

  • sufi

    ooo..he’s very handsome guy…i don’t think he is not married yet..but ur word maybe it’s true because i never found about his family background..

  • quezon city

    good day, Im a fan of black, may I ask where in japan can I find him ? thank you so much in advance

  • Kristine

    Hi! I’m glad I have known this site and discovered so many people like me who is also an avid fan of Tetsuo Kurata and Kamen Rider Black.

    Like what Gil said, Minami Kotaro is also my childhood hero. The FIRST and the ONLY! I really wish that like Emma, I could visit his steak house in Tokyo and see him upclose and personal.

    I was just wondering if there is any official fansite exclusively for the fans of Tetsuo Kurata globally?

    Actually, there is this korean actor who’s offcial fan site could be translated either into korean or english language. I really don’t like to compare but not only me, but also many other fans around the world would definitely appreciate it if Tetsuo Kurata would also have a fan site like that where fans like me could be able to know more about Tetsuo Kurata, or to be able for the fans to post personal messages for him.

  • Kristine


    Good day!

    I want to ask for a support from all the Filipinos out there who have been a fan of Kamen Rider Black (Masked Rider Black) since they were kids and up to now that they are all grown-ups already but still, has never forgotten their childhood hero.

    If you want to see Minami Kotaro on Philippine TV again, kindly visit http://www.igma.tv and click feedback (no need to register). Then, write your request about bringing back Kamen Rider Black on TV. You may also indicate in your request that the show would hopefully be placed on a primetime slot for the sake of other fans who have work in the morning so that they could also watch the show once they return home from work.

    The MORE feedbacks they receive, the BETTER!

    It’s just a click away and would only take you minutes so please make an effort to do so.

    Through this, I am hoping that they would grant our request and relive once again the heroic deeds of Kamen Rider Black.

    Thank you and God Bless!

  • Christopher

    Yes! I still remember Masked Rider Black and I am an avid fan of him and I want to watch it again here in the Philippines. And I would like to have a request to my number one network GMA7 to have our own version of Masked Rider Black. Thank you for having this opportunity. God bless us!

  • Eij

    Hi there!! i’m really an avid fan of tetsuo kurata from my elementary days up to now. I’m already 24 i cant really imagine that his on his 40’s now but still looking good! i really want to go to japan and visit his restaurant. Can u give me the exact location of his resto i really wanna go there and take a picture with him! Thanks a lot and God Bless!

  • Emma

    Good Day, everyone!

    I went to Tokyo again and met Kurata-san again!

    Actually he was acting in Kamen Rider Decede ep#26 and 27 as Minami Koutaro again! You can check it out on Youtube with English sub. Also, he was in the new Kamen Rider movie too (but only have few seconds at the end of the movie….)

    And, they are selling Kurata-san’s t-shirt on website and his steakhouse too: http://zsworkers.web.fc2.com/

    Try to click on the “SPECIAL” tab and you will see Kurata-san before and after the press conference of the new Kamen Rider Movie.

    And….. I have to tell you guys and girls that he’s married with 2 sons and 1 daughter and I met 2 of his son at his steakhouse too! They are both good boys that they help out in the steakhouse! What a good family he’s having now. I’m super happy for him as his fan! Hope you guys and girls feel the same way too~!!

  • kheivy

    emma, how lucky you are… i’m dreaming to be close with mr kurata personally. but it’s just a dream, never end… emma, tell me more about mr kurata. how old are his sons and his daughter… tell me more…

    give me some picture of you with him. picture of his family… plisss… i’m begging you. Emma, i wish i were you !!!

  • Emma, you are DEFINTELY the luckiest fan! I’m still a big fan of Tetsuo Kurata. I watched Kamen Rider Black when I was 12 and now I’m 34. I’ve been reminiscing my childhood hero by watching teh entire Kamen Rider Black series and currently, Kamen Rider Black RX. THAT WAS SO COOL! You got to meet him in person, even his family?! WHOA! AWESOME! An absolute dream come true for you. Man, I’m practically jealous. I wish I was with you too. Actually, I’ve seen Kamen Rider Decade ep. 26 & 27 and the movie. BOOYAH! Totally blew me away! He’s still my hero. Tell me more about the steakhouse and the first time you met him. Did you feel faint? Does he speak English or only Japanese? I’ve been dreaming of going to Japan and visiting his steakhouse. Right now, I’m learning to speak Japanese myself. But if I’m going to Japan, I don’t want to go by myself. I’m also planning on making a Tetsuo Kurata fanvideo for YouTube. But I need more pics, music, stuff. Emma, please visit my website. By the way, did you ask him to do the “Henshin” pose? Lsat week, I visited the Anime Jungle collection shop in Little Tokyo in Los Angeles. The manager told me that Kurata-san is the “Bruce Lee of Japan”. What do you think about that guys and ladies?! I second the motion. He is DEFINITELY LEGENDARY! Thank you for sharing your memory.

    • Hello to fellow Kamen Rider Black, RX & Tetsuo Kurata fans! He has an official website: http://tetuwokurata.web.fc2.com
      You’ll need Google to translate. I’ve asked my Japanese friend to call the cell phone number in the website to ask about fan mailing address. Sadly, he (my friend) said that there is no address and he doesn’t know why. I guess you could try sending fan mail to his restaurant or the comment e-mail address in the Billy-the-Kid restaurant. Or perhaps some of you will visit him in person (that would be really COOL!). He’s also selling “Aromametarupendanto”. It’s a stainless steel pendant necklace made for men(thicker necklace) and women(narrow necklace). The pendant has his name in the front “Tetsu”. You can apply aromatic oil behind the pendant. It costs about $150 or a little over than that. I’m going to ask my friend to buy it for me. If you wish to buy collectibles, go to AnimeJungle.com. They have a store in Japan and two stores in Little Tokyo in Los Angeles. That’s where I’ve bought most of my Kamen Rider Black & RX collectibles. I’ve bought other stuff from eBay, Amazon.co.jp, & cdjapan.co.jp. I’m currently uploading Kamen Rider Black RX videos in Veoh.com under the name “cathsingalto”. Please watch and leave CLEAN comments please (absolutely NO derogatory language). Thanks. My first fanvideo for YouTube will be up soon (still working on it). Finally, I thank all of you for your continuous support, love, prayers, and loyalty to Kurata-san – hero, big brother, mentor, and role model.

  • Jake

    Hi Emma you really are the luckiest fan i have a plan of going to japan for vacation and will be emailing you soon for the address of tetsuo kurata-san’s steak house just hope i am gonna be lucky if im gonna meet him thanks for sharing your memorable experience

  • blacksun11

    this site is the best web page that i have been through on kamen rider series becasue eveersince i was a kid kamen rider black-minami kotaro or robert akizuki in the philippines was my show to watch every 6 PM on IBC 13 im so much a big fan that i cried when im not able to watch but i was not able to finish the series i dont know if the IBC 13 stopped airing it i was just able to watch it completely on DVD that i bought after a decade and also was able to watch his sequel kamen rider black RX and did not know that he was the one portraying the new rider thought it was an americanized masked rider that is real which really sucks if you’ve seen that series that is in conjunction with the mighty morphin power rangers that really sucks big time im planning now to purchase the S.H. figuarts kamen rider black and black RX figures but dont know where to buy in the philippines does anybody where to order it online?

  • sara arkly


  • ayce

    happy birthday kotaro-san..i mean mr.tetsuo kurata..happy happy birthday..”MALIGAYANG KAARAWAN” in Filipino language..there is one word i always want to say, “thank you” so much for being a hero, you were a part of my childhood days and you made it so memorable that i always want to remember..”arigatou gozaimasu” hope i could have a chance to see you in person 🙂

  • Cristy Buan

    Please if everyone of u guys have facebook account..let’s get together on facebook..u can mail me ur e-mail adress so i can add u..let spreat Tetsuo Kurata’s Stardom..We all love Tetsuo Kurata ’til death..

  • ocha tjan


  • Minnasan konnichiwa! Hello everyone! HENSHIN! Rider Change! I’m still a BIG fan of Kurata-san. It’s amazing that he has SO MANY international fans. What a lucky guy he is! Yokatta ne (I’m glad!). Everyone is welcome to look at my photos at Facebook. I’m also currently inviting everyone to join “Mask Rider Black” page (English and Filipinos) and “Kotaro Minami / Tetsuo Kurata Fan Club” (English and Indonesian) page at Facebook. You’ll see photos and videos shared and posted by other fans too. My Black and RX collection continues to grow little by little. Soon I will be posting pics of the latest collectibles that I have acquired. Minnasan arigatou gozaimasu. Thank you everyone – for your continuous support, love, loyalty, and prayers to our favorite actor/hero – Kurata Tetsuo-san (Minami Kotarosan, Kuya Robert Akizuki, Satria Baja Hitam).

  • hi there tetsuo kurata

  • Nick

    Hey, everyone! I’m also a fan… I’m wondering if he speaks English or Emma, do you speak Japanese?

    I know it’s kind of a stupid question but I’m so curious about that 🙂

  • heart

    hi tetsuo… i really love the kamen rider series, i was five years old when it was first aired here in the philippines. I really love your action moves and you are very cute back then.

  • icy

    glad to find this website,hope fans around the world can have a place to chat online, still haven’t found the fans group yet, anyone knows plz let me know. Thanks.

    • Relinah

      emma, you are the luckiest fun. gosh i am so jealous!! thats my ultimate dream to see tetsuo-san in person. i wanna visit his steakhouse someday with my son and husband coz even my husband he adores tetsuo-san. he is still haNDSOMe and every woman can dream to be his lady.

  • ferdinand

    very nice. .
    tetsuo kurta is my My favorite was when I was elementary school.
    he was an inspiration in life so far ..
    thanks a lot …

  • myra ronda

    is he already merried…???

  • Hanz

    hi all! I’m also one of the AVID fans of Tetsuo Kurata. I am his # 1 fan here in the Philippines. I hope someday I can visit his steakhouse there in Japan. My gosh..even now I am soooo excited to see him in person. All of us in the family are his #1 fans. May God bless you always & good luck! 🙂 🙂 🙂