Kamen Rider THE NEXT Production Diary: 3/1~3

March 1st (Thursday) – 3rd (Saturday)

Filming weren’t done on these days, so the production was on break.
Well, not really, since there’s a mountain of things to do.
The acting and production department both went to clean a building at Nikotama River where filming will take place on 3/6. This western style building will be the stage of a major action scene and is destined to be destroyed after filming. It’s a restaurant that went out of business long ago, so it’s full of dust and bugs. Even the insides of your nostrils will turn black without a mask on.

It’s the art and costume department’s job to turn this building into a “living” restaurant. Following the plans made by a designer, the building will be decorated with tables, chairs, lights, blinds, several hundred alcoholic beverage bottles, flowers, tablecloths, dishes, silverware, and paintings of Shocker. We call the food and drinks that we use on film as “vanishers,” but we don’t bring them in until the day we shoot.

In these three days we’ll also prepare clothes for the actors, fitting of the Rider suits, meetings with the director to go over the storyboards, Kato Kazuki-san’s [note: Kazami Shiro] wine décantage, official events, and much more.

(Today’s image is the filming schedule that we follow each day. The next day’s schedule is passed to the staff members one day before filming. I always looked forward to assistant director Takahashi’s drawings and notes near the bottom right.)

Kamen Rider THE NEXT Production Diary: 3/1~3
[note: Schedule of things to do mentioned above, with assistant director Takahashi’s “Kaijin Fun Fact of the Day”: Pick Shark from V3 episode 11-12, tells what moves he used and how he was defeated.]

[Translated by Pal. Originally posted on 10/5/2007 @ Official Kamen Rider THE NEXT Blog]

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    décantage literally translates to decanting. Look that up.