Kamen Rider THE NEXT Production Diary: 2/24 (Saturday)

2/24 (Saturday)
We’re filming a scene in a bar in Ginza on our second day of filming.
Hongo Takeshi, played by Kikawada Masaya-san, appears for the first time. Hayato is suffering from his rejection here as well.

The bar we used for filming is an actual bar in town. The counter is made of one large wooden slab, and jokes are said in this scene. The production crew keep their eye open for interesting locations. They conduct location hunts lead by the director’s ideals and find the best match. As with any locations, many rules apply.
“We can’t dirty the counter, so keep that in mind,” said the filming crew.
Then, as the actors are getting prepared for the shot, the director told me something.
“When Hayato stands up, the rejection fluid shop drip a bit on here.”
“(I see, drip it.) …What? Drip a bit?!”

Kamen Rider THE NEXT Production Diary: 2/24 (Saturday)The rejection fluid is a combination of lotion and ink, and will stain whatever it touches.
The amount of stickiness is determined by how much water is added, which I observed from my senior assistant director. We ultimately touch the fluid to see if it feels right, and we were just going to use it as is… So nervous.
After injecting the fluid into the tube that’s attached to Takano-san, it was me that had to blow into the tube when he stood from his seat…
Director “Okay…action!”
Me “Pffffffffffttt”
……drip, drop…..
Director “Cut!”
Like a gust of wind, the production crew wiped it off the table. …Impressive.

Kamen Rider THE NEXT Production Diary: 2/24 (Saturday)Today we had all three of the heroes, Kikawada-san as Hongo, Takano-san as Hayato, and Kato-san as Shiro in one scene. The chemistry between the three change over time and it’s fun to watch. The set feels peaceful yet we also feel nervousness. The filming for the bar is complete!
This night we also changed location and filmed a scene that involves an ambulance. The theme for this movie that the director stated is “alchemy of horror and action,” and we filmed a situation where ambulances were everywhere in the city chasing one strange disaster to the next.

[Translated by Pal. Originally posted on 9/18/2007 @ Kamen Rider THE NEXT Official Blog]

  • Well. Thanks for translate this texts. Is fun, and enjoyable reading how so may people work to make possible such film. And for me is good too for improve my level of readed english (remember, i’m from Spain,). And this is a very good way 😉