Kamen Rider Hibiki PS2 game for $20

Kamen Rider Hibiki PS2 Game

Spotted the game on sale at Play-Asia so I thought I’d pass the information along. Usually retailing for $59.99, it’s on sale for an undetermined amount of time for only $19.90 + $3.10 shipping. The reviews are a pretty mixed, noting that the game is on the easy side for adults but actually fun for Hibiki fans. It’s mainly an action game in vain of the old beat ’em ups, and boss battles are defeated in a Taiko Drum Master rhythm game fashion with drumming (its even compatible with the Drumcon controller). Seems a bit quirky, eh? The video looks pretty cool though!

Kamen Rider Hibiki PS2 game – $19.90



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  • Yep, but is the Kamen Rider SD game for Game Boy. Aah, so funny! The game i want is the Kamen rider black game for the NES (and some KR game for my PS2, too).

    Oh, one more thing. You know if Nintendo has released some Kame Rider game for the DS?

  • Pal

    Never played a KR game on Game Boy, that’s cool.

    The KR Black game is quite hard to get a hold of since you need the Famicom Disk System to play. It’s really hard too, but it’s fun 🙂

    I had the Kamen Rider Seigi No Keifu for the PS2, which was pretty good. KR1, V3, Black, and Agito were in it. It played kind of like Resident Evil/Biohazard.

    I checked real quick, I don’t see any announcements for a KR game for the DS or PSP :

  • Mazinkaiser666

    There should be one, but it’ll most likely be a ElectroKing game for the DS.
    I mean, by now, you’d have to be crazy to NOT make a DS game if you wanna make some money.