Release: Kamen Rider Black Episode 31

Kamen Rider Black Episode 31 postGolgom is forming a new Shonen Warrior team with the help of a video game designed to target unsuspecting children! The original Shonen Warriors are back, joining arms with Kamen Rider Black to defeat the dreaded Porcupine Mutant in the world of electricity. Can Kotaro and the Shonen Warriors prevent tragedy from repeating itself again?

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This episode introduces opening & ending karaoke by zeldAIS — thanks zeldAIS!

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  • zeldAIS

    OTSU as always Pal-sama! can’t wait for the download to finish ^0^/

  • Sieg29

    YaY! Thanks a lot Pal-sama!

  • Algo Fonix

    Sweeet! Thanks so so so so so so very much! ^_^ I’m very happy.

  • SWEEEET! Yai1 Thanks a lor Pal-sama! And thanks too to zeldAIS! Thanks for keep going and make the Kamen rider black fans so happy! 😉

  • AbgTendou

    Hiii.. Thank you very much for keep Kamen Rider Black Series ‘alive’.. i’m really happy for all your team work & effort to keep Kamen Rider Black series exist here forever.. 😉 Arigato.. By the way,can i help you guys to upload it on other web like veoh or anywhere else? Thanks again.. 🙂

  • insomnia


    Thanks PAL! and congrats to zeldais, appointed as karaoke for both CK and TN 🙂

  • zeldAIS

    [quote comment=”456″]Insomnia

    Thanks PAL! and congrats to zeldais, appointed as karaoke for both CK and TN :)[/quote]
    hahaha. yea. lolz – just got appointed as typesetter for geki 😛
    not only that though – i also joined other jdrama groups (check SARS’ and BON’s current project karaoke’s)
    but then again – i have to concentrate on Skewed Studios projects (finally, Jigoku Shoujo Live Action ep5 translations is done! ^0^/ will have to do that after i finish geki 22 typesets =3)

  • Hmmm a porcupine… inside a videogame… Nahh it can’t be HIM. He’s blue! 😛

  • Masked Rider ElectroQueen

    Thanks Pal! Can’t wait to watch it! Wahoo! Return of the Boy Warriors!

  • ELF

    You are a true fan. I have been watching them episodes over n over again. Black was my childhood hero..can’t wait to see the final episodes! Good job pal!

  • Krfans

    This is great! but I notice the show is getting kinda slow, hope shadowmoon comes out soon.

  • BlackSun

    any seeders here? i’m not getting any straight download from the torrent link.