Release: Kamen Rider Black Episode 31

Kamen Rider Black Episode 31 postGolgom is forming a new Shonen Warrior team with the help of a video game designed to target unsuspecting children! The original Shonen Warriors are back, joining arms with Kamen Rider Black to defeat the dreaded Porcupine Mutant in the world of electricity. Can Kotaro and the Shonen Warriors prevent tragedy from repeating itself again?

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This episode introduces opening & ending karaoke by zeldAIS — thanks zeldAIS!

Streaming video after the break!

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Progress Update: Kamen Rider Black Episode 31 & Guitar

Britas has the episode for checking now.

I’m going to make a Kamen Rider Black themed guitar! I’m working at my dad’s sign shop, so I’ll be able to get some good vinyl to slap on the guitar once it arrives (maybe Friday, maybe Monday). Here’s a quick idea that I slapped together (click on the thumbnail for a bigger image):

Kamen Rider Black Guitar