Lack of Updates

It’s been a while since the last post! I don’t have any episodes with me since they’re locked up in storage several hours away; I’ll be going to get them around two weeks from now, so don’t think that I’m gone 🙂

Now that college is out of the way (phew, it was a rough year), I have a much more interesting issue to deal with: getting a job! Wish me luck 😛

Enabling Direct Downloads again, but be advised that I won’t have every episode online for download at once. Please use either the Torrents or SendSpace downloads.

  • zeldAIS

    omedetou on graduating, Pal-sama! God bless in finding work ^_^

    we’re in full support! (btw, PM me anytime for the “help” i’ll be doing and i’ll work on it :D)

    i still got only a semester til i graduate (hopefully only a semester, if i passed all the subjects)

  • Congratulatrions on your graduating! And good luck in getting a job! I starat a job next week, selling bread! 😉

  • Solidus

    Congrats, Pal!

  • Sieg29

    gratz to you Pal-sama xD

  • Masked Rider ElectroQueen

    All right Pal, it’s time for graduate school!