Site Status & Forum Craziness

The site was down two days in a row because of bandwidth issues. The first day, it was reported that my site had 70+ GB of transfer. The next day, 100+ GB. Not very good, especially since I’m hosting several other sites (one including my senior project for graduation, very important). Since I’m afriad of this happening yet again, I’m disabling direct HTTP downloading until senior project is over with (April 16th). SendSpace (thanks to zeldAIS), torrents, YouTube and Veoh still exist, so please utilize those methods 🙂

There seems to be a lot of spammers signing up these days, so here’s what I’ll do. Any user that has registered and hasn’t posted within the first week of joining will all be deleted (if you joined a month ago but didn’t post within the first week, poof). This shouldn’t be a problem for the non-talkative since the forums are now publicly open for viewing. If you want to keep your username, just post once (a brief instroduction, perhaps).

  • Solidus

    Weird. Well, glad it didn’t interfere with your schoolwork that badly, hate to see that happen. And you’ve found a solution, good deal. 🙂

  • insomnia

    yeah… luckily… focus on more important thing… as for the show… its just your hobby after all pal-san. 😀

  • Pal

    Thanks guys, only a little longer! 🙂

  • JDOmnislash

    The important thing was that you stopped it before it was too late to fix it in time. And like stated before, school is definately more important, especially in college.

  • blacksun_03

    hi there webmaster would you pls upload Kamen Rider Black Rx if you can?I’ved been waiting for that for almost 12 yrs till now ihavent watched any of that episode ,,anyway good luck and have a good time,,thanks