Release: Kamen Rider Black Episode 29

Episode 28Katsumi’s senpai Kimie has been chosen by NASA to be one of four Japanese astronauts to go to space. However, something strange is going on: Golgom has replaced the astronauts with mannequin clones! Katsumi, who figured out what was going on, is now being hunted by Golgom, and Birugenia has his own plans for her. Can Kotaro save Katsumi and find the real astronauts before it’s too late?

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  • zeldAIS

    yosha!!! thank you Pal-sama!! HENSHIN!!

  • Sieg29

    Yay!!! *downloads* Im so excited to watch Episode 29 right now.. thats why I ill use DirectDownloads for now since there is no torrent yet…

  • insomnia

    sitedown! bandwich attack?

  • Solidus

    Thanks for more fun, Pal! “)

  • Solidus

    aka 🙂

  • Pal

    [quote comment=”285″]sitedown! bandwich attack?[/quote]

    Seems like the site was attacked, I have no idea. Don’t see how 100GB+ would be downloaded in less than 24 hours. So, direct downloads will be down for a bit.

  • natachi


  • mystic

    Can’t wait to see Taki Ryusuke again in episode 30. Fight for freedom! Kamen Rider Black!

  • Hey there, this is Ralf.

    It’s finally here, the release of Kamen Rider Black – Episode 29, but its
    video is not yet displayed on YouTube or CenturyKings.

    I’m not impatient, I’m really excited to watch this video sooner or later!
    Although, I just have to wait a little bit longer, I promise.


    Ralf Foliente

  • Hello there, this is Ralf.

    Hey, what’s up!, I had finally watched the overall episode 29 of Kamen Rider Black.

    It was so cool, but there weren’t any English subtitles on it. That’s why I had
    no idea what they’re saying in Japanese version.

    You must know that I really do not understand in Japanese conversations, so please make changes or arrangements if necessary to translate this language into English.

    Whoever did this, please change and fix the video, so I can finally understand what they are saying in English translation. However, it will be much better for this exciting episode that I watched today on March 13, 2007 along with the subtitles.

    It’s almost nice and exciting, but please put English subtitles!
    I’m not really disappointed, I’m just trying to persuade you that you must put them
    into the video. Thank you for displaying this video at YouTube!


    Ralf Foliente

  • wooky27


    Thanks for posting Kamen Rider Black 29, but there has no english subtitle so i cannot understand the story. This episode is very intense, its unfortune for that i cannot understand it at all. Do you think you will have a chance to fix this problem?

    Best regards,

  • Pal

    Haha, whoops. English usbs being added to YouTube, sorry about the confusion.

  • blacksun_03

    hey man,,anyways thanks for uploading the Kamen Rider Black Series but pls can you upload the complete episodes?im collectin that one and here in the Philippines im having a hard time to find that collection it’s kinda rare here so that’s why i’m always downloading movies at this site,,do you know where to download MAsked Rider Black Rx?that series doesnt exist here in teh Philippines pls reply,,thanks a lot for uploading Masked Rider Black series,,more power to you man!!Rider Change,,

  • megalomax

    thanks for all the kamen rider black man, but just wondering if there would be any episodes after 29 that is going to b posted. Really looking forward to 30, 31… so on so on cuz the plot seems pretty interesting, tnx =P